Yachtsman of the year 2018: awards found their heroes!

In Moscow solemn ceremony of the National award “Sailor of the year”. It has long been the traditional and main social event of the sailing season in our country, and this year was anniversary, tenth! From 2017 the award is arranged by the magazine Yacht Russia, it was awarded to more than 100 people and organizations.

The awards ceremony took place – and this is also the tradition in the Moscow state musical theatre of folklore “Russian song”. The ceremony was attended by over 1,000 guests, among whom were old and new friends of the magazine Yacht Russia, known for sailors, travelers and partners of the award.

And what a remarkable holiday! Bright, colorful, musical… Although the protagonists of the ceremony, of course, were the winners of the award “Yachtsman of the year 2018”.

Sailor of the year was named Vladimir Krutskikh, a two-time Finn Masters world champion, the winner of the first championship Finn Masters, held this year. And for the first time in the history of the award! – competition Vladimir Krutskikh among the nominees to his son Daniel, the youngest master of sports of international class among the sailors of Russia. But the award rightly went to Tom who is older and more experienced.

The winner’s name was announced by senior Vice President of the Group of companies Double V, master of sports, European champion in the Dragon class Mikhail Senatorov, Jr. and General Director of Federal state budgetary institution “Editorial “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” Pavel Negoita.

The yachtswoman of the year was the Muscovite Yana Reznikova, this year she won a bronze medal at the Youth Olympic games and the European championship in Windsurfing class Techno-293.

A well-deserved reward Jan with the wish to quickly change “bronze” to “gold” was awarded the honoured coach of Russia and Ukraine, the coach of the Olympic Committee of Puerto Rico, for 6 years the coach of the Olympic champion in sailing Santiago Lange, head coach of the sections of sailing Sports club “Transbunker” in the Khabarovsk region Vladimir Bolotnikov.

Team was recognized as team Russian Bogatyrs , Igor Rytov and Vyacheslav Martynov. In 2018, the “heroes” won the 600-mile race Rolex Middle Sea Race Double Handed division and bronze medallists of the world championship in the Melges 20 class.

Igor Rytov now on the regatta in Miami, he sent participants a video message. The award was handed over to the head of the yacht-club “Navigator” Oleg Gusev, and handed it to the Chairman of the Moscow Collegium of advocates “Ulova and partners”, the organizer of the regatta “Cup of the lawyers” Elena Ulova.

Coach of the year was Tatiana Zhuravleva, raise high the level of the national team of Moscow on Windsurfing. Among her wards Yana Reznikov, who took third place in the Youth Olympic games in 2018, the world Cup 2015 and the world championship of 2018. Tatyana – first coach Stephanie Eluting, bronze medalist of the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.

The award was presented by honored master of sports of the USSR, world champion, Europe, USSR and Russia, silver medalist of the Olympic games of 1996 in Atlanta George Shaiduko.

The winner of the nomination “Children’s sailing school” has become a Sports school for sailing “Krestovskiy Ostrov” (St. Petersburg). This school was established only a year ago, but at competitions of various level young athletes of the school have won 55 gold, 54 silver and 38 bronze medals. More than 20 athletes of the school are part of the Olympic team of the country.

Senior high school coach Vadim Pushevo the award was presented by CEO of Fashion Marine, which represents in Russia the international brand that produces clothes, shoes and accessories for yachting Marine Pool, Yury Manuilov.

The judge was named Honored master of sports Sergey Bodies. Honored coach of Russia, judge of international category, in recent years, he worked as judge in hundreds of regattas. Sergei was three times nominated for the award “yachtsman of the year,” but were “silver medalist”, and finally the award has found its hero!

And presented the award to the head of the sports school on sailing “Krestovsky Ostrov”, the former head coach of the Olympic team of Russia on sailing Natalia Fedorova.

The best organizer of the competition was named Andrew Poltanov, which since 2002 pursuing the most mass and democratic regatta with a change of crew Who is Who. Annually this regatta expands, attracting new fans of sail where sailing is not well known or non-existent.

The prizes were awarded by the President of sailing Federation of the Moscow region, member of the Presidium of the all-Russian sailing Federation, master of sports of the international class Valery Pilchin.

In the nomination “For contribution to the development of sailing” prize was awarded to Andrey Kislov. Sailing Andrey started at age 12 in 1948 at the yacht club “Energy”. Four-time medalist of the country. Deputy Chairman and Chairman of the sailing Federation of the USSR in the years 1963-1989. Vice President and member of the Executive Committee of the IYRU in 1976-1990 years. In those years our relationship with the International sailing Union was truly a workers, and therefore fruitful.

The award presented to the winner of the Soviet and Russian sailor, Olympic champion in 1980 in the class of “Star” Alexander Muzychenko.

In the nomination “the Best distant sports campaign” was won by the yacht “Akela” with her longtime captain Alexei Chegurov. For many years on the yacht under the guidance of Alex and the XO Anastasia Podobed pass practice cadets of the State University of sea and river fleet named after Admiral Makarov. On account of “Akela” numerous victories in races on the open sea, and in particular regatta The Tall Ships Races.

The award was presented to the winner by the captain of the yacht “Delta”, krugosvetki, the winner of the award “yachtsman of the year”-2014 Andrey Nevzorov.

The winner of the nomination “For loyalty to the sail” became legendary yachtsman Rostislav novoderezhkin. In 1957, he won the USSR championship in class “M”, in 1965 – “the flying Dutchman”. In the class “Carter-30” 11 times won the Cup Onega, three times, the Aegean regatta, also won the Cup of Baltic and Black sea Cup. Rostislav Alexandrovich and today will not part with the sails, dealing with organization and refereeing the regatta. And not only that this year he participated in the regatta “the flying Dutchman” in Moscow – and won! That’s the real sport longevity!

In the absence of Rostislav Alexandrovich (and the reasons were very respectful – he at sea!) the award was given to representatives of a sailing dynasty Novoderezhkina – sons Boris and Andrew, and his grandson Dmitry, racing the “flying Dutchmen”. And presented the award master of sports, the Creator of the Russian Association of a class “the Finn”, the founder of the Student sailing League Vasiliy Kravchenko.

In the nomination “the Best illumination of sailing competitions” won Alexey Fats, Director of public relations of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg. Its videos and programs for TV “Match!”. And Alex best commentator live sailing events.

Prize Alex handed the producer of special projects Directorate of information broadcasting “Match TV” Igor Shvetsov.

The award was organized by the magazine Yacht Russia.
Partners and sponsors of the award: the Group of companies Double V, the company “Transbunker”, a brand of yacht clothing, Marine Pool, the Moscow Collegium of advocates “Ulova and partners”, the prestigious brand of Scotch single malt whisky Glenfiddich, the company CZECHOSLOVAKIA VODKA, TATRATEA, ORGANIKA, Russian beer brand “Khamovniki”.
General information partner – “the Russian newspaper”. Information partners: “Kommersant”, “Mattw”


The Russian award was conceived as the Russian equivalent of the world award ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards, which is awarded to sailors for outstanding achievements in the sail. The first ceremony of the award “yachtsman of the year” was held in Russia in 2009, and even then, she was different from similar ceremonies in the UK, USA, France, Germany… over the years, “the Russian version” and all became its own entity – it has become a truly national, completely democratic. The evidence of this full house during its implementation, and the applause greeting each winner and those endorsing the selection of the jury, and that the honored athletes, travelers, coaches, whose authority is indisputable.

Nominations from Russian award more than foreign, because its organizers wanted to left behind all the people related to sailing. Was not forgotten by children and organizers of regattas, referees, and coaches are not left without attention of journalists, and most importantly – veterans.

This year the award was held for the tenth time, so happy anniversary!

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