More than 250 riders from 13 countries!

All riders from young to old is looking forward to sailing season in some regions of the world regattas are held all year where the sail comes only may. A great gift in the offseason for all young sailors of the Old world will be the international regatta in the class “Optimist” – OptiOrange Valencia 2019.

The organizers of the children’s regatta are two well-known yacht club is the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg (Russia) and the Real Club NĂ¡utico Valencia (Spain). Last year this event was a first test for the first time and was attended by over 80 athletes this year more than 250 riders from around the world have registered for the international regatta OptiOrange Valencia 2019.

According to the Commodore of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg Vladimir Lubomirov, “the project’s success is facilitated by, first, the timing of the competition is from 7 to 11 March, international women’s day and the famous Valencian festival of Fire – is what to do parents who decide to bring a child to a regatta. Elaborate part of the sport and good coastal program, and also the famous mascot of the regatta – orange, Naranjito, which once again will meet and escort all contestants”.

The waters of Valencia has acquired a special popularity among yachtsmen all over the world in the first place, after the 32nd America’s Cup. Moderate wave and the ideal weather conditions in March make the regatta OptiOrange Valencia special. Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg and the Real Club NĂ¡utico Valencia made a lot of effort to make the competition really interesting for the young athletes. The program 2019 has everything you need for that: the clinic of the famous coach in the week before the regatta, a test regatta March 7, for all participants, a large number of athletes of the best yacht clubs in the world, includes food and, of course, oranges, the symbol of the regatta.

More than 250 riders from 13 countries have already applied, the maximum number of participants will be 330 athletes (strict quotas). Until February 15, everyone will be able to pay the participation fee at a reduced price. Hurry! Registration and payment of entry fees directly to the website of the regatta

The duration of the competition matched perfectly in all respects, so in March begin to blow heat of the South-East wind. At the same time in Valencia will host the famous festival of Las Fallas, interesting for both children and their parents. Throughout the regatta, the athletes will eat the famous paella (do not forget about the unlimited oranges and orange juice!). In addition, all participants will be given a wonderful opportunity to store boats on the basis of the Valencia yacht club down to the Championship of Spain in the class “Optimist” or to Garda Meeting.

And another pleasant surprise prepared by the organizers, this is a special training camp for all comers, who will coach Belgian Peter van Den Bossche, the founder of the team “8 Days a Week”. The meeting will last 3 days, from 5 to 7 March.

The organizing Committee OptiOrange Valencia will be happy to help participants with training, accommodation and transport. Ask any questions at [email protected]

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