World Cup begins


      World Cup begins
      Today in Torbole on Lake Garda in Italy will be held the first race of the World Cup in class RS: X. The regatta will be attended by 130 men from 40 countries and 106 women (36 countries).

World Cup begins

To participate in the championship, 7 Russian men registered (Evgeny Aivazyan, Alexander Askerov, Vladislav Burmistrenko, Ilya Kirichuk, Anton Tokarev, Maxim Tokarev and Dmitry Sandakov) and 3 women (Stefaniya Elfutina, Yana Reznikova and Anna Khvorikova). On behalf of all our readers, Yacht Russia wishes the Russian racers success. Come on guys! We cheer for you!

It is worth emphasizing that, in addition to medals, 8 Olympic licenses will be awarded to both men and women in Torbole. A year ago, at the integrated world championship in Aarhus, Stefaniy Elfutin, we recall, already received a ticket to the Olympics for Russia. Agree, it would be great if now our guys made their way to the Games!

“We have had a small training camp on Lake Garda since September 16, where the World Cup will be held,” said Mikhail Dubina, the coach of the windsurfing team, in an interview for the RUS Youth Sailing Team. – The weather was traditional for this area. In the morning, a north wind blows here, and closer to dinner, from two o'clock, gusts come from the south. This wind direction is called Ora – it inflates to 22-24 knots. We did two trainings a day, because it was impossible not to use such weather! But now the conditions have begun to change – on the day of the training race it was raining, the temperature dropped to 10-12 degrees. Everyone was waiting for the south wind, but he never came. It was decided to postpone the practice flight for three hours, but due to calm weather it was not possible to go on the water. The first day of competition will begin early on Tuesday morning – the judges decided to play it safe. Racing will lead to the north wind. For the guys, the start is scheduled for 8.00 in the morning, and for the girls for 10.20. Well, then we will look! ”

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