Without accidents and breakdowns

Details of the race “Hogland Flight 2019” and the Open Cup of St. Petersburg in the yacht class ORC.

In the period from 27 to 29 September in the Gulf of Finland passed the most severe offshore yacht race in the North-West region – “Hogland Flight.” The regatta is held since 2004 traditionally, at the end of September and is at the end of the season kind of test for the yachtsmen. The motto of the regatta: “We have to do it!” fully reflects the challenge of the race.

27 September at 19 hours and 22 yachts took the start at the dam of protective structures of Kronstadt and headed to the island of Hogland. The regatta participants had to go over 200 miles without stopping on the route: start – island of Hogland – O. Sommers – finish protective structures the city of Kronstadt. During the race tested the skills of crews to work the sails, navigate and use tactical knowledge.

During the race the weather has prepared a review of all skills of the crews. The race started with a weak, but favorable wind. Gogland island met the conquerors of the sea, Sunny weather and strong wind, the athletes had to apply the skills to manage the yacht in storm conditions, but the course allowed me to not do the turns and fast enough to get to the island of Sommers.

The beginning of the second night, the crews met in a bitter struggle with the wave and wind, then the wind started to subside and the finish line was held in a calm atmosphere. The victory went to the crew, who were able to correctly work with the sails and clear to navigate.

Fortunately there were no accidents and breakdowns and all the crews were able to bring their yachts to the finish in time limit.

The regatta participants were divided into 3 groups:

1. Yachts “Tsetus”.

2. Yachts with racing score ORC.

3. Cruising-racing yachts “L6”.

Also for the first time at the start of the regatta went 2 a cruising catamaran, they were able to go the distance.

Victory in the class “Tsetus” won by the crew of the yacht “Фортуна2”.

In the group of ORC prizes were taken by the crew of the yacht: 1. “Flavis”, 2. Aurora Borealis, 3. “Фортуна2”.

In the group of yachts “L6”: 1. “Onega”, 2. “Lena,” 3. The Careggi.

An honorary Cup for the fastest course time of the second time in a row went to the crew of the yacht “Aurora Borealis”.

The organizers of the regatta were: the St. Petersburg river yacht club of trade unions, Association “Russian Register”, “Gogland Race Club”.

Partners of the regatta were: company Navis Marine clothing for sailors, PAUL&CHARK YACНTING” and the company “Orlov Design”.

That evening summed up the results of the Open Cup of St. Petersburg in the yacht class ORC. The Cup was carried out according to the results of the 5 regattas held in Saint-Petersburg: “the Cup of 100 miles”, yacht Race, devoted to the Navy Day of Russia, Saint-Petersburg Sailing Week, championship of Saint-Petersburg and “Gogland Race.”

The winner was a yacht Aurora Borealis, second place went to the yacht “Фортуна2” and the third “Ariel”. The Cup is held by the Association of ORC class Northwest together with the Gogland Race Club for the second year in a row. Class cruising and racing yachts ORC – the most numerous class in the North-West region, it brings together yachts of different designs, allowing them to compete with each other due to the scoring of the competition at the ORC system (system of measurement and handicap ORC (Offshore Race Congress)).

All the winners received exclusive prizes made by the workshop Shtauh.

The press service of the regatta “Hogland Flight” and the Association of yacht class ORC North-West.

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