Wim van der Valk is preparing to launch the first BeachClub

It’s March, and then, before the launch of the first Board of the Dutch shipyard Wim van der Valk range of aluminium motor yachts BeachClub, designed by Ginton Naval Architects and designer of Korom Di Rover (Cor D. Rover), just a few weeks. The company announced in their social networks.

The shipyard has introduced its new series in 2016. It was originally planned that the 18.6-metre BeachClub 600 will be launched in 2017. However, construction was delayed and the date was extended, in particular due to the fact that in the process of working on the project boat has grown almost half a meter — to 19.05 metres. Immediately after launching BeachClub 600 will pass sea trials and then will begin a tour of the international yachting exhibitions.

The long wait of new Wim van der Valk will pay off, because in the next six months we’ll have two premieres instead of one. At the finish line out and construction of a 20.5-metre BeachClub 660 Flybridge. It will be not only bigger but slightly faster BeachClub 600. Instead of two engines Volvo Penta IPS-950-for flybridge model will have two Volvo Penta IPS-1050. By increasing power to 75 horsepower (from 727 to 800 “horses”), the maximum boat speed will increase from 24 to 25 knots. But the cruising speed of the boat remains the same: 19.2 host.

However, 660 Flybridge will not be able to explore the exhibitions with her older sister. Boat is already sold and in July will be transferred to the host.

“It was amazing to see how the design comes to life in these first two boats. The concept of the engines (they suffered under swim platform approx. itBoat) and bathing platform at the stern creates an incredible space beach club with a perfect balance between security and the greatest possible proximity to the water. Connection to the ocean is phenomenal, and the size and flexibility of this area is amazing,” says about the new boat Cor D Rover.

Flushed with this success, the shipyard has already started parallel to the construction of the second building 660 model. The boat will be ready by the spring of 2020.

In addition to a large beach club, yacht series Beachclub is another feature that distinguishes them from the competition.

“Another radical innovation is the elimination of a full-sized collision bulkhead, crossing the lower deck up to the main deck. Instead, we use a partial bulkhead which allowed us to maintain contact with the ocean for the entire length of the lower deck, just before the master cabin in the bow. This creates a fantastic sense of openness on the lower deck, which only is enhanced by the large Windows,” — said Cor D Rover.

The beach club cabins on the lower deck are on one level: there’s no single step that makes the boat “friendly” to people with disabilities. As for the interiors BeachClub, customers can choose one of four options that came up with a Cor D Rover (Ibiza, Sardegna, Mallorca and Corse), or offer your own ideas.

Line BeachClub is not limited to the models 600 and 660. The shipyard intends to issue a 25-metre model with an extended flybridge and a 30-metre flagship.

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