The discussion in Bermuda was heated

November 4, 2019

      The discussion in Bermuda was heated
      Oleg Ilyin, member of the World Sailing Council, spoke about the decisions of the General Assembly of the International Sailing Federation, held in Bermuda on November 3, to the website of the All-Russian Federation of Sailing:

The discussion in Bermuda was heated

The General Assembly was attended by delegates from 61 countries, and although this is approximately half of all WS member federations, a quorum was recruited. The Assembly received the right to make decisions.

As before, the two main issues on the agenda: Governance Reform and the final decision on the sailing board as equipment (equipment) for the Olympic Games-2024.

The discussion began with a vivid presentation by the Chair of the reform working group, Ms. Mary Clark. Without going into details, she encouraged those present to vote on the changes as a necessary phase of WS. The next was President Kim Andersen, essentially repeating the arguments of the first report.

Next was a discussion. Of the eighteen speakers, fifteen supported the proposals of the Directorate, three delegates opposed. At the same time, the support in the speeches of the delegates was somehow unconvincing. It was felt that most of those present did not have the opportunity to delve deeply into the latest version of the Reform, published less than two months ago.

A vote took place, in which 59 votes were cast. According to the version of the Directorate of WS, 38 delegates voted for the adoption of the Reform (61%), against – 20, one delegate abstained. Since the reform implies changes to the Constitution, it was required to score 75% (46 votes).

Thus, the reform proposed by the Directorate failed.

The delegates, in their vote, emphasized that the time for change had arrived. Yes, a sufficient number of delegates voted “against”, but this does not mean at all that they are against changes. In their statements, these experts emphasized the hasty actions of the Directorate, insufficient time to study the proposals, called for individual reform points that would not only serve the cause, but would complicate the work of committees and commissions.

What next? To re-discuss the issue and make a decision, it is necessary to hold a General Assembly, and, most importantly, an Extraordinary. The possibility of such an assembly was announced by President Kim Andersen. If this becomes a reality, then the Extraordinary General Assembly will be held in May. But is this the difficulty? At full height, the question arose: who, in fact, will prescribe a new version of the Reform? A working group whose option failed? Significant funds were spent on the development of the Reform. With solid WS debts, where can I get these additional funds? Many delegates on the sidelines spoke out like this: let's still not rush, but we will work out and change the current structure step by step. And this work should be led by the president, whose elections or re-elections will take place a year later, in November 2021.

Exhausted by the four-hour meeting and heated discussions, the delegates were released for lunch, and when they returned, the next difficult decision awaited them.

Two delegations, China and Israel, issued a declaration revising the recommendations of the Council on the selection of sailing boards for the Games-2024. As you know, the Council invited the Assembly to approve the Starboard iFoil class.

Supporters of the new class of wing boards and the traditional RS: X are roughly equal in numbers. In the speeches of each side, convincing arguments were made. For example, the RS: X defenders referred to a letter from 160 teenagers who asked them to leave this class, the financial question was discussed, and the possibility of refusing to provide boards for the 2020 Olympic Games in Enoshima.

Nevertheless, out of 12 speakers, eight proved all the advantages of the new class, referring to the preferences of the IOC, the involvement of young riders and the time for necessary changes. It remains only to clarify the position by voting.

Voting took place: 13 votes were cast for RS: X, while for the “foyle” – 37 (with one abstention).

The General Assembly approved the recommendations of the Council: at the Olympic Games-2024, the Starboard iFoil board was chosen as the number of the program “Windsurfing Men / Women”.

… The General Assembly has completed its work. The delegates parted in thought: what awaits the International Federation in the near future?

As they say, wait and see.

Oleg Ilyin, Member of the WS Council

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