While the leaders are learning…

As the press service of the Sailing school “Krestovsky island”, today is the first day of racing at the Formula Kite European Championship 2019.

According to high school coach Alexei Chibisov, “competition in Torre Grande in Sardinia promises to be spectacular”:

– The level of athletes has grown considerably, the country is actively engaged in training athletes. For example, France, England, Poland introduced the whole team, and at the same time, we want to note the age of the athletes in the team are completely different! Polish national team – the youngest in the squad and it will be interesting to watch her performance.

In the men’s fleet showed up to 60 people, female – 30. Russia at these competitions represent the athlete of the school “Krestovsky island” Valeria Garashchenko and Sofia Kotlyar. Denis Taradin couldn’t come: busy studying at the University. For this reason, is not and Elena Kalinina…

Water area very interesting, the wind unstable: twists and often come gain! This is a rich racing practice for all.

The results can be tracked here


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