While Tavatuy is far

October 26, 2019

      While Tavatuy is far
      After three races of the World Championship in the class of yachts Melges 32, which takes place in Valencia (Spain), the Tavatuy team of Pavel Kuznetsov is in an unusual 12th position (15 teams take part in the regatta).

While Tavatuy is far

True, the lag behind the leaders is not so great. Christian Schvorerer, who is now in first place at German La Pericolosa, has 11 points, Tavatuy has 31 points. You just don’t need to repeat Friday's mistakes when the Russians finished 15 and 13 in the first two races. But in the final race of the day “Tavatuy” came third. This is what you need to look up to.

World Cup results after three races –


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