We love you!

March 8, 2019

      We love you!

It is good that there is such a day when you can loudly, without hesitating, confess your love. That all heard!

We love you!

Every year on this day, we have, by tradition, revealed a terrible secret: there are more women in Yacht Russia’s editorial office than men. And what a woman! Good girls, beauties !!! Working alongside them is a great pleasure. Pulls on feats. And today, March 8, – especially!

Among the readers of our magazine, there are fewer women than men. But, hopefully, this is a temporary matter. Therefore, every year on this day we undertake increased obligations: to make the situation change. And something on this path has already been achieved. Sail – a great hobby, a woman on board – this is, despite old prejudices, fortunately. So let this happiness be more!

Happy holiday, girls, regardless of your age. Let the fresh winds beat the sails, let the sun shine bright above you. We love you!!!

Men's (smaller) part of the editorial Yacht Russia.

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