Universiade 2019: Russia in the top three

At the 30th summer world University games in Naples was the second day of training in discipline “Sailing”.

According to the website http://www.parusniy-sport.org the weather at this time is somewhat diversified environment: South-Western wind speed of 15 knots, the subsequent rain, calm – and another race in little wind closer to the southern direction. Boats were checked for strength, and not all of them have stood the test – where burst grateful, and where, like our team, burst motor support preventing it from dropping to normal position. One of the races was carried out without gingerol.

The Russian team played in the first three races of the day. In the first race, our crew made a good start, came out first at the windward mark and confidently held the lead almost to the finish line. However, the full course before the finish went to control the main fleet, and the Spanish team, having gone away from all, were able to catch the sunset with the band of amplification, which eventually led them first to the finish line, and our crew finished second.

The second race was harder before the start the wind came in, and changed the best side of the starting line. Our crew was on the unfavorable side, which led to the fact that at the first sign he came sixth. However, properly passed gybing and tacking later helped to reach a second position. At the finish of gybing all the participants pursed, our crew was in the middle, and slanting the finish line meant that two boats from behind went to the left and was able to “stick their noses” at the finish line before our crew. Eventually finish fourth.

In the third race, nothing presaged difficulties, the wind has increased slightly, but 30 seconds before the start of the boat, which was made by our crew, it breaks the hoist, support the engine in the raised position. Instantly lost position, precious 2 minutes to fix breakage, and our crew gets in the race from the start purely the last eighth. But our guys are real fighters – they don’t give up, during the race to catch up with the fleet, overtaking several boats to finish fifth.

The failure comes not only to we – the team of Austria more serious crash, breaks grateful, they go with the race. Both crew – our Austrian and later served in the protests for the restoration of the result, but both of them rejected the jury purely on procedural issues – not stated race Committee protests directly on the water.

In the next two races, our boys were already in the audience, being a “weekend”. Other teams also were not going smoothly. Not particularly lucky for the Singapore team in the last race of the day when the race Committee after the rain, long wait for the calm still decided to hold the race, got a big gap between the leader and the rest of the yacht is such that two yachts are unable to meet the time limit – 4 minutes after the finish of the first boat. Among neologistika was the Singapore team that were in other races well. As a result, it fell below our team, and Russia in qualifying came in 3rd place.

There was a chance that our team could leave the Austrian team in the case of satisfaction of their request for the restoration result. However, as mentioned earlier, the request was rejected. Perhaps this played a tactically and our protest – we were in a much less complex situation, and could on the water to claim the race Committee about the protest. In the case of the Austrian team it was not so clear, but, rejecting our protest, the jury was obliged to apply exactly the same criteria to the other team – and to reject and protest.

Congratulations to our students for advancing and good luck in the next races!

We have two more qualification days and 17 for the qualifying races. Qualification – a long exhausting marathon. According to the qualification results will be selected the best 8 teams in the finals. Involved in the qualification places will read them as the result of one final race, and planned 4 races to determine the medalists.

For results and race tracks on the website of the Universiade https://results.universiade2019napoli.it/#/sportdetails/SAL


Competitions under the program “Sailing” at the Universiade-2019 are held on eight yachts new class RS-21 (keel yacht with weapons “Bermuda sloop”, with asymmetrical Spinnaker) with a crew of 4 (2 boys + 2 girls). Each race represents the track “circle” from the starting line to the buoy against the wind (tacking) and the descent down the wind (gybing). After passing two or one of the circles (number of circles by the decision of the race Committee) yacht finish in the start. In each race, all eight yachts will start at the same time and place in the race is determined by the order of their finish.

For each race the crew is assigned a number of points equal to its place on the finish of the race. The winner is the crew that will score fewer points in the series races.

The competition involved 16 teams, so in the qualification races take place with the “weekend” crew (part in the race and also provide yacht be determined by lot). Weekend crew (who had not taken part in the race) is assigned the number of points calculated by the average of their results in those races, where they participated.

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