The scandal is over?

22 votes for and 11 against with two abstentions. This is the result of telephone voting members of the Council of World Sailing, which took place late on Friday evening.

It’s a phone vote was to draw a line under the scandal that’s rocked the international Federation of the sails and the international yachting community.

Recall the essence of the scandal, even if we about it have told. Executive Director of World Sailing, Andy hunt in early December sent to members of the governing Council of Federation of the Protocol record of the meeting held the previous month in Sarasota (USA). Council members were asked in two weeks to approve this document or, if something does not agree, attach a dissenting opinion. The usual procedure.

In the documents, among other things, were the results of the voting Council members World Sailing on the question of the inclusion of keel boats in the Olympics in 2024 in Paris. The proposal could be adopted only if voted for by more than 75 percent of members voting. That’s exactly what happened – in any case, this alerted the world relevant services World Sailing.
But was worth the hunt to guide peers the materials for the visa, the sound of thunder. Four members of the Council, having received the Protocol entry with the outcome of the vote, was surprised and angrily said to the hunt, that the person they voted did not, as it is recorded in the document.

This meant that the necessary 75 percent of the recruited was not! And what – no keel boats in the Olympics in 2024?

However, after several days of Sailing World has received a new input. Like, reasons to cancel the verdict of the Council no. The vote was secret and carried out with the help of special panels. The entire electronic voting system thoroughly checked, it works without a glitch. That is, the procedure was conducted in accordance with the rules of the World Sailing. As for the statements of several members of the Council, they apparently elementary clicked the wrong button on the remote control or clicked a button too early – before the start of voting, so the correct result had not been recorded.

Sailing the public of many countries have met this answer with hostility. The head of the Federation of the sails of Argentina, supported by his Brazilian and Uruguayan colleagues, and even stated that we are talking about “internal sabotage” on the part of some leaders of the World Sailing. More oil was added to the fire approval (I must say, reasoned) that the equipment for voting, used by the international Federation does not meet the required standards and may at any moment fail.

The scandal grew, and to put an end to it, the leadership of the Federation was proposed on 21 December the telephone survey of Board members: are they ready to approve the results of voting, held in Sarasota, on the question of the inclusion of keel boats in the Olympics in 2024?

The outcome is already known: 22 votes for and 11 against with two abstentions. A World Sailing Council confirmed its earlier decision.

The scandal is over? Somehow, it seems that is unlikely.

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