Five fantasies of the sea

Today video games industry, attracting astronomical budgets and fabulously creative resources. Virtual entertainment there for every taste. Moreover, the soul of the gaming community — forties. As the face of the distilling business — gentleman with a glass, not a youngster, diluting whiskey with Cola, a real player — not a teenager, playing in all managed to sneak into the phone via parental control, and a man who knows exactly how he wants to spend a few hours of free time.

To illustrate this idea, we put together a small guide on the games that will easily be able to decorate the night of a lover of the sea.

Sea of Thieves
2018. Xbox One, PC

The novelty of this spring Sea of Thieves is a vibrant mix of all that comes to mind in connection with a pirate theme. Galleons and gold, skeletons and guns aboard and the storm — it’s all here simplified and compacted into one small world, where adventures are piled one on another, leaving no time for a break. In fact, a Sea of Thieves — a multiplayer game where you along with a team of friends (or strangers) have, leaping to the ship, to perform some simple tasks like finding treasure, and then to deliver to the port.

The point is that the treasure is not icon in-game equipment and items that you store somewhere on the ship, so that competing teams can take you aboard and to take away the loot. In addition, steer the ship, too, need together, the steering, for example, is not visible if the course is a vehicle: this is another player who looks at the map and tells how to adjust the course until the third player is engaged in the sails. Add to this the firing of guns, the danger, like attacking ships, the Kraken, stunning sunsets — and you have the ideal multiplayer fun for a small company.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
2013. PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, Wii U

Black Flag — not the new part of the series Assassin’s Creed, but it can be recommended to players in love with the sea. Being the most beautiful game of 2013, Black Flag to this day among the best products for modern platforms.

Immense game world (and here is the Caribbean of the Golden age of piracy) is rich in detail. Raging on the horizon a storm, whale fountains, mysterious coves, the pursuit of the merchant ships — the game does not skimp on surprises and constantly entertains you at least one of them. You can collect pirate songs, so that as you progress through the game, the team will delay new and new verses.

But most importantly, Black Flag — part of a huge sci-Fi series about the confrontation of the secret societies. The player do not just know the story in Assassin’s Creed as if he explores the memories of the ancestors of the main character, enclosed in its genetic code: the history of the legendary killers, one way or another had a hand in major historical events.

The trick is to apply game elements like save-loading or completion of missions like the features of the interface are fantastic machines that decode genetic memory — over and over again helps to sink into the story head first.

World of Warships
2015. PC, MacOS

Nobody knows why the game World of Tanks from Wargaming won the hearts of millions of men around the world, often never even holding a joystick. Rumor has it that they do not know even in Wargaming. Anyway, in an effort to build on the success, they released two similar games: aircraft (World of Warplanes) and ships (World of Warships). Here, the developers reproduce in a new way the same fun formula is simple: you are in the team participate in the battle (in this case marine), using only the arrow keys and a couple keys. World of Warships and not trying to sound smart, but in excess gives what will keep you in front of the screen long enough then this was embarrassing to remember: the roar of guns and predatory silhouettes of warships, played with respected attention to detail.

Sailaway — The Sailing Simulator
2018, PC

The list of games for the mariners would be incomplete without this simulator. Sailaway is the latest and most detailed simulation of a sailing yacht. Here you will find the plot twists, turns or the opportunity to stroll through the streets of the seaside town and set sail on the ocean and spend there, as expected, a few months. But if you manage your yacht for you in itself is fun, Sailaway can do so indefinitely. The real map of the planet, waves, behaving just like in real seas and oceans (to go along the côte d’azur is not the same thing as to pass Cape horn), the complete simulation of the entire snap-in, flexible customization of the game — from beginners to semi-automatic to manual mode for a real yachtsman…

Moreover, Sailaway is a multiplayer game so you can invite yourself to the yacht, other players, and walk-in joint campaigns, and go racing. You can even ask the game to simulate your swimming to the journey lasted while you do chores (or make the transition on the real boat).

Sunless Sea
2015. PC, PS4, Linux, MacOS, iOS

Simple management, a story, unfolding through the window with dialogue, levels, re-created for each new game — at first glance, Sunless Sea looks like a nondescript product of an independent Studio. In fact, it is a gem! Its grim setting of the Victorian city in the middle of the underground sea, its volume, really talented, the lyrics are reminiscent of the works of Edgar Allan PoE and Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Simple mechanics, in fact, which will help you to save resources and sometimes rely on luck, expertly baffled and extremely hard choice or are forced to balance between the fear of the unknown and a thirst for adventure.

The charm of Sunless Sea is difficult to convey in words, but the meaning of the entertainment here is just that, to live all the stories yourself. Don’t let the nondescript illustrations fool you: Sunless Sea is one of the main virtual sea adventure.

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