The names of the winners of the award “yachtsman of the year of St. Petersburg”

This award is established annually by the St. Petersburg sailing Union (Federation of sailing of Saint-Petersburg) and “Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg”.

The results of the year summed up in his speech Sergey p. Alekseev, President of Saint-Petersburg sailing Union, the Chairman of the Presidium of all-Russian sailing Federation. “This year has been full of nautical events. The season began with a descent replica of the first linear ship of the Baltic fleet “Poltava” in “the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg”. Only in St. Petersburg held more than 70 events — and that’s not counting the large amount of training races. Including “Baltic yacht week”, the main sea festival North of the capital, which included this year a record number of events across the city, Sailing Champions League, the stage of the National sailing League for the best Russian yacht clubs from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad and other important events. The main event of the year – the 300th anniversary of creating the world’s first yacht club – “Neva fleet” Peter the Great. In honor of this date, the St. Petersburg sailing Union and the “Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg” published a book by Leonid Amirkhanov about the history of “Neva fleet” in the Russian and English languages. In addition, organized a unique exhibition, assembled entirely out of pieces from the private collections of yachtsmen and yacht clubs, who worked in the fortress for six weeks. This event is dedicated this year and the award “yachtsman of the year of St. Petersburg””.

The winners were determined in 12 categories.

Sailor of the year was Boris Gradev, which was implemented this year as captain of two polar expeditions to Novaya Zemlya and Franz Josef Land. During these expeditions opened a new island and the Strait, was found sunken in 1881, the English yacht “Eira”. Awards Boris Vladimirov presented Sergey p. Alekseev.

The yachtswoman of the year were recognized Elena Kalinina, one of the leaders the world of kiteboarding. In 2018, Elena was on the podium of major international competitions, received a silver medal at the world championship and gold at the world Cup. The name of the winner in this nomination was announced by Andrey Groshikov, the founder of the “support Fund, reconstruction and restoration of historical vessels and classic yachts”, General Director of the shipyard’s historic shipbuilding “Poltava”. Because at the moment Elena is not in Russia, its rewards waited for her in the Academy sailing.

  • Alexander Lukoyanov “Yachtswoman of the year” (until 23 years)

  • Andrew Groshikov, one of the winners in the nomination “For contribution to development of sailing in Saint Petersburg”

In the nomination “the Best distant sports campaign” the victory is shared between Daniel Gavrilov, under whose command in this year the yacht Rusarc Aurora traveled more than 25,000 miles (from St. Petersburg to West Greenland and Vice versa), and the yacht “Anna”, who won this year 2nd place in its class in the prestigious transatlantic race, Atlantic Rally of Cruisers. The category winners were congratulated by the Chairman of the Presidium of the St.-Petersburg sailing Union, Vladimir Ilyich logins.

The team of the year were announced Jan Cech and Ivan Zotov. In 2018, they once again confirmed their level and became Champions of Russia in a class 49er and once in the gold fleet at the world Championships, which is the highest for the Russians in this class in recent years. For the announcement of the winners on stage were invited to a multiple winner in this category, the captain of the yacht “Akela” Alexey chegurov.

In the nomination “For contribution to the development of sailing in Saint-Petersburg” also two winners. First – Andrey Groshikov, the founder of the “support Fund, reconstruction and restoration of historical vessels and classic yachts”, who in 2013 led the project of reconstruction of the first linear ship of the Baltic fleet “Poltava”. This year’s “Poltava” was launched and now operates as a Museum. Second winner – State University of sea and river fleet named after Admiral S. O. Makarov, one of the most important Maritime universities of the country. The beginning of the section sailing in the GUMRF them. Admiral S. O. Makarov mentioned in documents in 1930. Here today involved more than 100 students. The University annually holds International student regatta, and shows decent performances in other international competitions. The award from the hands of Sergei Alexeyev was the rector of the University Helen Zmatlikova and the captain of the yacht “Akela” Alexey chegurov.

Coach of the year was Diana Krutskikh, honored master of sports, participant of the Olympic games, the winner and prizewinner of Championships and world Cups and Europe, coach existing team members city and country. For the announcement of the winners on stage were invited Ksenia Brizicky, Director of the salon “Gallery image”. As Diana Yurievna is now at the regatta, her award on her behalf was received by the Director of the sailing school “Krestovsky island” Natalia Fedorova.

In the nomination “team of the year to 23 years” win for Zoya Novikova and Diana Sabirova, Champions of Russia in the Olympic class 49FX. Envelope with their name revealed Ksenia Shevchenko, a representative of the company Expert-Marine (official dealer of Beneteau yachts and Lagoon catamarans in Russia).

Yachtsman of the year (under 23 years) was Krutskikh Daniil, the youngest master of sport of international class in sailing of Russia, the bronze prize-winner of superiority of Europe of this year in overall ranking and winner in the age group up to 19 years in the Laser class. For the announcement of the winner on stage was invited as the chief editor of “Tarpon” Sergei Afonin. Because Daniel had been at the training camp, a prize for a senior trainer at sailing school “Krestovsky island” Vadim A. Pusev.

The title “Yachtsmen of the year” (age 23 years) received Alexander Lukoyanov, which this year became the winner of competitions in four sailing classes (Optimist, Laser 4.7, Europe, 29er). The winner called Yulia A. Zavyalova, representing the company “the Wind-Regatta”.

In the nomination “journalist of the year” was presented to Alexander Ivanov. This year he covered the life of a sailing school “Krestovsky island”, and also wrote a lot of competitions of different level classes SB20, Dragon and others. Announced the winner in the category of Deputy Director of the Museum of Railways of Russia Pavel Dunaev.

  • “Team of the year to 23 years,” Zoya Novikova and Diana Sabirova

Photographer of the year was Elena Razina, lens which for years was watching the largest sailing competitions in Russia and abroad. Including Elena shot Grand prix-Dragon Cup — National Open Championship 1st serie, Golden Globe Race, Sailing Champions League and other major competitions. Announced the winner of the Deputy Director of the drama theatre “On Foundry” Antonina Dorogova.

Traditionally within the framework of the award “Yachtsman of the year”, held a competition for the best photo. The winner was determined by popular vote. This year they became the Anton makhanova, which shows the crew of the yacht “Lena”. The winner was named General Director of “Provactive” representing the ekomasterskaya Tree Art, Sergey V. Lebedev. Among the gifts was Anton and the photo of the winner, printed in large format, which the author solemnly presented by the author to the crew, “Lena.”

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