Great start!

In Croatia, the second stage of RC44 Cup. In the opening race, “nick” and “Battleship” were in the top three!

Many years later, at the end of may the fleet of the RC44 class has returned to Istria (Northern Croatia). Here in 2012, was held a world championship in this class with the participation of 16 crews.

Interestingly, the first three of that “world” and now on the starting line. It’s the world Champions 2012, Peninsula Petroleum, the winners of the 2012 season (and many others) – Aqua and British veterans of the class, the Slovenian Ceeref, who in that season were third.

As in October 2012, Istria met the fleet of the new RC44 season consisting of nine boats light unstable winds. A day earlier, in the rain held three training race, a may 30, after a long wait, was launched first and so far only race held on the second stage of RC44 Cup.

After an unsuccessful start, when the Battleship left in the second tier on the right side looked like, it seemed, the crew of Kirill Frolov has no chance. But the team managed not only to regain the lead, but ulibatsa in the top three.

On the first leeward leg “Battleship” even topped the fleet, but at the finish was only the third, after the “Nicky” and the winner of racing and Ceeref.

The start of the second race of the day and failed to give: after a long wait the wind stabilized in direction.

“Although we had a plan to go right after the start, the start was unsuccessful – was prevented by Peninsula Petroleum, says the steering “Battleship,” Kirill Frolov, but we have seriously struggled at the first sign and Bagnoles third. Further, in all course we just flew away because they were going to strengthen. The second sign was gebalis for the second and they finished third. Despite the unstable wind, and the barrel from the shore with reinforcements, all things being equal and there is not a lottery, rather by accident, you can lose, not to win.”

After an unsuccessful stage of the European series in Melges20, Mr Proshin pleased the fans a confident start in his favorite class RC44. After the first phase on the second line, Nika opened the competition in Croatia is also the second result, though, was the chance to win this race.

As for the debutants of the series, Yekaterinburg Tavatuy, which are so pleasantly surprised in April in Montenegro, the first day of the second phase did not bring them positive emotions. Let the start was good, but the visits of the wind is prevented to hold the position.

Race Rovinj Adris 44Cup will continue until Sunday, June 2, inclusive.


Alex Fat
PR-Director of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg

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