Sunseeker Hawk 38. Hawk-like nature

To understand what the market is lacking, Sunseeker did a detailed study, assessed the challenging speedboat sector, and realized that now is the time to launch high-tech cruisers, designed and built to the highest standards.

One of the trends in the yachting industry is that shipyards that produce models of different types and even superyachts (albeit in the lower segment) do not forget about day boats, or high-speed tenders. Among such companies, active on all “fronts”, a prominent place belongs to the British Sunseker.

Talk about a new flagship Sunseker 161 with an aluminum alloy hull (although the shipyard is known for its fiberglass models) has not yet died down, as has announced the new project Sunseeker Hawk 38 – a fast boat on the opposite flank of the long line of the brand. And if the flagship is launched only in 2021, then the “hawk” will appear in June and will show off at this autumn exhibitions.

The project, created jointly with FB Design, was kept secret for a long time, and even now little is known about this boat, but we managed to unearth something.


The Sunseeker Hawk 38 can be classified as an open sports fast day boat, although this boat is not at all typical – neither for Sunseeker (the first model of the brand with outboards), nor for the market in general.

In the area near the steering console, there are four shock-absorbed bucket seats in two rows (their damping travel is 120 mm) with adjustments (electrohydraulics) and bolsters: if you want, sit, if you want, stand with the same comfort. The steering wheel is shifted to the port side, as on offshore racing cars.

The console is protected by a wide windshield that blends seamlessly into the carbon fiber hardtop (antenna support). Screens are provided to protect against crosswind. The dashboard features two Simrad 16 ″ Evo 3 touchscreen MFDs with GPS and Wi-Fi support. They allow you to control the CZone DC system (lights, batteries, pumps, navigation lights, etc.).

In the stern itself there is a sofa for three with the possibility of placing two refrigerators in the boxes under the seat.

Dossier Sunseeker Hawk 38

11.85 m

Width (with cylinders):
3.01 m

Displacement (50% load):
5000 kg

Fuel supply:
700 l

Water supply:
100 l

800 h.p.

At the helm of the test boat – Fabio Buzzi. As can be seen in the photographs, at full speed the body practically does not create waves, generating only a light splash veil

In some modes, the hull was almost entirely out of the water, planing on the “heel”. Three transverse steps on the bottom are clearly visible

In the bow cockpit, there is a large soft sunbed with adjustable head restraints (it can deflate from there on the go); further to the stern – dinetta (sofa with removable table). There is a rather voluminous locker, where a lot of things can fit, even two Seabob underwater tugs with chargers (they are mounted on the bulkhead). This entire area can be covered with an awning.

In general, there are enough lockers on board the Hawk 38 for the necessary things; one is located under the floor of the self-draining cockpit, where a liferaft or inflatable paddleboard is placed. Practical and functional in every detail: CFRP handrails, retractable cleats, an audio system with polished stainless steel speaker grilles and separate speakers facing the aft platform …

Where to sleep in this boat? My answer is: where do they sleep in a racing Ferrari? Yes, the cabin is not provided here, but there is a latrine, and if something happens, you don’t have to moor and run to look for the nearest one … well, you get the idea. The “sanitary” compartment is located under the helm station: a toilet with a stainless steel sink, a skylight and … a 5 ″ color touch screen for controlling the onboard systems.

Hull and driving performance

Sunseeker considers the Hawk 38 to be the most technically advanced boat in the history of the brand, although the company has such boats as the extreme XS 2000 (remember the Casino Royale) and XS Sport, also created in collaboration with FB Design. But the current cooperation with Fabio Buzzi is closer, since it concerns not only the design of the hull: the Hawk 38 prototype was built by the shipyard FB Design.

The new body is made of a foam-filled composite sandwich (Structural Foam concept technology, patent FB Design). This not only increases unsinkability, but also minimizes structure-borne noise, vibration and allows weight reduction for a given strength. To ensure moderate heel in the circulation (dynamic stability) and while pitching (at anchor, at the berth), to increase comfort and safety, Hypalon 866 STAB inflatable elements are fixed on board, which also provide additional unsinkability and function as fenders.

The hull lines – “deep V” with three (!) Transverse steps – are specially designed for outboard motors for maximum speed, moderate fuel consumption and simplification of boat maintenance. In addition, the contours should ensure a soft and quiet ride, as well as the absence of burying the nose in the wave.

Fabio Buzzi

Legendary racer and constructor

He became interested in motorboat racing back in 1960 at the age of 17. In 1971 Buzzi founded FB Design, which builds pleasure boats, rescue boats, patrol boats and racing boats. In almost 60 years of his work, Fabio Buzzi became world champion dozens of times, and FB Design boats have broken more than fifty speed records. At the same time, Buzzi himself stood up to the steering wheel more than once. In 2018, on Lake Como (Italy), he set a new record for boats with diesel engines – 277.5 km / h. Among his projects are models with a “regular” rigid hull, full-fledged RIB boats and with inflatable elements / tubes on the sides (STAB tubes), which were also used on the Sunseeker Hawk 38. As Fabio Buzzi said regarding the creation of high-speed boats, this is an endless contradiction between beautiful dynamic lines and efficiency from an engineering point of view. If resolved, there will be a victory.

Sunseeker reports that the Hawk 38 with two outboard Mercury R400s (400 hp) will be able to reach 62 knots. If this is not enough for someone, you can request more powerful motors. It is also known to have a range of 250 miles, although it is not specified at what speed.

Some European brands have boats similar in type and characteristics, but mostly with stationary engines. Here you can see how Sunseeker matches this current trend. But the question arises: why the third stage, when most analogues have one or two? It can be assumed that, in addition to reducing friction by aerating the bottom and reducing the area of ​​the wetted surface of the hull, the third stage is needed for optimal centering, since the boat’s layout allows a significant change in the center of gravity along its length due to the movement of passengers on a large shoulder.

On tests Hawk 38 confirmed the declared dynamic characteristics

Mercury Racing Digital Zero Effort – The engine controls are another technically interesting point. These are two pairs of levers: short handles (forward-neutral-reverse) and long (gas) – like on racing cars with a crew of two, when the pilot is busy passing the distance, and the levers are operated by his assistant – the trottleman.

DTS (Digital Throttle and Shift) digital throttle / reverse technology provides an intuitive interface and accurately responds to the driver’s signal to the motors. Light movement of the levers results in quiet, predictable shifting, instant power response to increased fuel delivery and ensures precise control without unnecessary steering effort. Motor tilt switches are built into the handlebars, and Shadow Mode technology provides automatic synchronization of the motors.

The final

With Hawk 38, Sunseeker went back to its roots with a dynamic hull and transverse steps. Some time ago, the brand’s lineup already included Hawk models and even Superhawk – fast cruisers with a bow cabin. The new Hawk 38 was deprived of the “super” prefix, but the boat did not lose anything from this. It’s just that this technologically advanced “hawk” is from a different flock. The fairness of the calculations and the hydrodynamic quality of the hull should be confirmed by tests, but there is no particular doubt: this bird was born to fly fast …

When the article was practically written, we received information that the Sunseeker Hawk 38 prototype had been field tested on Lake Como. The boat, at the helm of which was Fabio Buzzi himself, developed 68.7 knots. Thus, for a fully equipped boat – with a standard steering console, a carabon hardtop, other deck equipment and trimmings – the design speed of 62-63 knots is beyond doubt.

Andrey Lomakin, owner and president of West Nautical, an official Sunseeker dealer in Russia

The British shipyard Sunseeker is constantly evolving, reimagining history and releasing iconic models in line with or even ahead of current yachting trends. Paying tribute to its sporting and racing roots, Sunseeker is preparing to unveil a new development, the Hawk 38 speedboat, designed in collaboration with Fabio Buzzi, multiple world champion and record holder in water racing. The Hawk 38 body is made from scratch and patented by Fabio Buzzi Design. Able to reach a speed of 62 knots, the boat is absolutely safe and comfortable for passengers. Inflatable hull elements stabilize it in the parking lot,
and also make boarding more convenient.
The Hawk 38 is a lightweight, low-cost day boat ideal for fast travel in any area: sea, lake or river. The wide range of hull colors and cockpit finishes makes it the best example of a superyacht escort boat and completely excludes the possibility of meeting a second boat of the same type.
Already at the development stage, the project caused a lot of positive feedback and high demand. Only 10 cases are planned for 2019. If Hawk 38 has sunk in your heart, contact Sunseeker Russia to sign up for a test. Strong emotions are guaranteed!

During the test, the level of noise and vibration is incredibly low for this speed, which is a consequence of the new patented housing design. Combined with Hypalon 866 STAB inflatable elements and two Mercury 400R engines, the boat easily delivers the dynamic performance it was designed for, while demonstrating high maneuverability and stability.

Its eye-catching design, state-of-the-art equipment, varied colors and upholstery give it a special appeal, and its high speed ensures that this stylish day boat or superyacht tender will always be the first at the coveted anchorage or at the seaside restaurant.


Alexey Maximov


Sunseeker International

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