Ferretti Group hacked World Yachts Trophies

Six yachts of the Ferretti Group awarded World Yachts Trophies — 2018 at the boat show in Cannes

Figurines in the shape of a large letter Y was awarded to all five Premier Ferretti Group plus one boat that released last year.

Ferretti 670: the best layout in size from 62 to 80 feet

Well thought-out plan is the first thing that you notice once on Board of this yacht: the sharp corners are rounded, uncomfortable sills and ledges on the ceiling are minimized, the aisles are wide, the stairs if you want to go. The galley moved to the middle, and at the rear of the lounge there is a lounge area.

The master cabin is full width of the hull entered office, separated from the main sleeping area by a staircase. So, once in the master Suite, you will first see the working area, not the bed.

If desired, the Cabinet can donate using that space for a fourth guest cabin or Laundry room.

Ceiling height under the deck enough to see a tall man could walk without bending. Even the smallest cabin with two single beds looks too cramped — Ferretti designers have managed to leave in the middle of a fairly wide aisle. Aft carved out a place for the crew quarters with latrine, however, to roam there isn’t any.

From Ferretti 670 one of record size flybridge in your size — 25 square meters — and transformable bow area, where two tables can be lowered to the level of the seats, forming large beds.

3.5-metre tender stored on the bathing platform, equipped with a lift. The boat has an electro-hydraulic steering system from XENTA, which can be supplemented with joystick with proportional control thruster. Additional joystick hiding in the side of the rack add-in for ease of mooring.

Riva 66’ Ribelle: best exterior design in the category of 62 to 80 feet

Ferretti Group long teased fans of the brand Riva mysterious teaser Ribelle. In reality, the overall silhouette of the 66-foot yacht has much in common with the Riva 76 Perseo — the same sloping lines of the transom, the “wings” at the stern and a pair of stairs leading down from the cockpit to the bathing platform. The same large frameless front window has been enlarged by the hatch in the ceiling.

Improved form of the portholes of the lower decks: if Perseo Windows is divided into two parts by a metal logo Riva, here the glass is continuous through the entire boat from bow to stern. Line side to Ribelle is not torn and has not “failed” to provide the best views of the interior: for this purpose, the sides are made of elegant glass inserts.

In appearance Ribelle is a sense of legacy Riva: commonly used insertion varnished mahogany, and the waterline — signature turquoise color. These accents fit well into the overall color scheme of the vessel body is painted in deep blue color. More admiring the Riva 66′ Ribelle, for a brief moment to forget that the boat is made of fiberglass.

Custom Line 120: best exterior design in the category 125-164 ft

Style semi-displacement GRP hull 38,36-metre Custom Line 120 developed by the great Francesco Paczkowski. Her rapid powerful profile with geometric lines of the boards. Body design inspired by powervote.

Some elements of the superstructure are made of durable and lightweight carbon fiber. This gave the opportunity to create a unique flybridge with access to the nose without having to accommodate the supporting frame. Exactly flybridge guaranteed victory Custom Line. Together with the nasal area, it forms a huge sun deck with an area of 100 square meters. Guests can move freely from the pool aft to the dining area under with hardtop, wide side walkways on both sides — to the solar loungers, and through the Central aisle between the beds — on the nose.

This innovation Custom Line 120 is not the end. The glass door on the hydraulics, separating the cockpit from the passenger compartment, is inclined at an angle of 45 degrees and can not only move apart in the traditional way, but also to go to the roof of the superstructure. The salon used a floating floor, which guarantees undisturbed views of the sea.

Custom Line Navetta 42: innovation award in the category 125-164 ft

Custom Line Navetta 42 — the first ship in the history of the brand, which has overcome the limit of 300 GRT.

“It was a difficult task — to combine functionality and aesthetics on a yacht of this size, to use to the maximum all possible space, but the end result is fantastic,” says the Italian owner of the first hull Navetta 42.

The layout of the yacht is designed in such a way that the way of the crew and guests do not intersect, so the yacht was convenient not only to relax but also to maintain it. Saloon on the lower deck houses six crew members. The captain’s cabin located on the main deck and has direct access to the bridge.

However, the layout can be tailored to a specific owner: Builder promises the widest possibilities of customization.

Pershing 9X: best exterior design in the category of 80-125 feet

The long sharp blade, Pershing 9X is subject to one big goal: to be fast, but comfortable. Her low profile and streamlined shape of the superstructure, ensuring good aerodynamics. This all — spacious interior, designed in a simple, concise, modern style.

“It’s a huge boat, which is pretending to be small”, — said in a Ferretti Group CEO Alberto Galassi about Pershing 9X, and he was right.

Below deck she has four cabins, including an over-sized master suites on the midsection, with dressing room, a study and a couch with a huge, full-wall Windows.

Of course, something had to be sacrificed for the sake of speed and interior volume. For example, the side aisles: they are on this boat is narrow and low.

Riva 110’ Dolcevita: the best interior design in category 80-125 feet

Aggressive outside, inside Riva 110’ Dolcevita is a luxury loft, open sea on all sides. The ceiling height in the cabin reaches 2.3 meters from large steel frames that support the superstructure and frame the huge Windows. With Windows that open on three sides, letting into the sea breeze.

Glass on the boat very much. A large piece of curved glass used as windshield in the raised pilothouse. It is particularly appreciated by captains — it ensures the excellent visibility from the bridge. Like the Custom Line 120, the flybridge has access to nose, forming a single upper deck with an area of 34 square meters.

“Despite the sporty appearance, this project draws inspiration from the image of a comfortable floating Villa. There is a huge space with high ceilings, lots of glass walls and Windows that provide amazing views and lots of light. The interior is welcoming and elegant, with traditional Riva discreet luxury,” — said in Officina Italiana Design — the Studio that worked on the external and internal appearance of the yacht.

On the lower deck at Dolcevita four almost equal-sized guest cabins. The master cabin located on main deck. Among the materials — leather, marble, glass and steel.

Summing up: the Ferretti Group is on the rise. This is evidenced not only by the impressive list of awards of the company and its wide presence at the exhibition in Cannes, but the volume of sales. As said Alberto Galassi, in September alone, the brands the group has received orders for more than EUR 100 million is only the direct contracts with clients about the purchase. Many of the contracts were signed during the yachting festival in Cannes. The company has ambitious plans for the next five years. Whether these plans to fruition, time will tell.

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