Two years were not in vain

In Saint-Petersburg in a lovely friendly atmosphere held the report-election meeting of the Russian Association of class SB20.

The meeting came not only Petersburgers, but also some crews from Moscow, which was especially nice. The ability to make such events more mass – an indicator of interest and involvement of the crew in the life of the Association. And the work was not in vain.

In the framework of the meeting Ivan Gromov reported on the done work, success in development and promotion of the Association SB20 for the past 2 years, and also talked about plans for the near future.

Summing up the past two years, Ivan Gromov noted: “the First and the main task that we set for ourselves, is holding in the class number of exposed crews. Not sleeping. That is, those that take regular part in our ongoing competitions. We now have constantly been 57 boats, which is three more than previously. For us this is a very important breakthrough, particularly given the seasonality of our sport.”

Complementing the words of the President of the Association, say that in 2019, was conducted more than 30 official events, 257 people participated in the race for the season, and the number of actual active members of the Association reached 100, and we hope these figures will grow.

In two years increased the percentage of professional athletes – in the main competition of the year – the championship of Russia – the number of Amateur crews fell to 12%. “It shows that we are moving, and the average class has grown,” said Ivan Gromov.

These positive trends are largely due to the establishment of a quality coaching staff, and the regular invitation of foreign athletes, including professionals, Hugo Rocha, who several times a year, arrives with his team and does a very effective workshops.

“We assured the quality of the material and technical base – we had the RIBA, buoys, we have all the necessary equipment for competitions at the highest level. We are actively recruiting professional photographers and videographers. It is possible to disassemble the controversial, from the point of view of judging, a situation which is very important, and allows you to make beautiful videos to promote the SB20 class and sailing in General,” – said Gromov.

Of nice new features in the upcoming 2020 – the return of exit stage of the Russian Cup, this time the racers will travel to Sverdlovsk oblast of the lake Tavatuy. It will be a race with a connection. The yachtsmen-participants need only to arrive at the site.

A very important step, in part – the breakthrough of the past two years: at least 4 crew regularly come in the top 10 in international competitions, and, moreover, is the first – the second places. Russian Association of SB20 with great respect watch the European division of the Association.

In 2021-m from 21 to 27 June in St. Petersburg is expected to be very important and significant event – the European championship in SB20 class. Ivan Gromov said:

“Our daily work is now focused on practicing all the nuances of holding such managementmanage competitions on the territory of St. Petersburg. We want to hold it at the highest level. Some of the participants will go to us from Singapore and we need to provide as simple and understandable transportation vessels. A very important achievement for us and Saint Petersburg fell into one of the three capitals where the tested electronic visa. This type of visa applies just to athletes and done for them. We are active participants in this project and thanks, in part, our work, our city was included in this list. We are actively working on a cultural program for our guests. Negotiating with the Museum’s grounds. Do everything possible to not only adequately hold the championship, but also to show our city and country at its best!”

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