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E-evenly spaced: what are they and how do they work?

Michelle Dezhuayo (Michel Desjoyeaux) is one of the most successful sailors of singles in the world. He twice came first in the Vendee Globe (and the one who won it more than once), Route du Rhum and was the winner in a number of other regattas. Now he almost left the race and more engaged in the development of his company Mer Agitée in France. Michelle with her partner Regina Burdensom (Régine Bornens) founded a company for the development and implementation of innovations in sailing in 1999. Their latest development — e-evenly spaced.

Working together with an engineer D, imitri Voisin (Dimitri Voisin), Mer Agitée figured out how to convert the motion of evenly spaced electronic signal, and has created an electronic evenly spaced, describing your device TrimControl.

But how does it work?

Voisin and his colleagues have found a way to combine a sensitive enough sensor and a thin slice of silicone wedge shapes, put them in a rectangular case and secure the design to the canvas, self-adhesive canvas. This device takes only a few cubic centimeters and is powered by electricity to convert movement of koldunya in Hertz and the digital signal on the local database, which can be installed in the navigation station of a boat.

The base station is in turn connected to the smartphone OS Android with the app TrimControl that come with evenly spaced data in real time. For recording and statistical analysis is synchronized with a smartphone navigation software Adrena from the company, and the processed data are displayed on the screen. When the angle of silicone koldunya deviates more than a predetermined value, it means that he is in a turbulent flow of air due to the remnants of the sail, or the boat is too cool to wind. These values are displayed by the skipper or Navigator, which is especially useful at night. Also, these evenly spaced and show a blade of the wind when they are a bit of a Shocker from the sails the air flow and they stand at an angle. According to Voisin, when the speed of apparent wind at ten knots, the system will work perfectly fine.

“This invention will work great offshore racers, says Voisin. — As is well known in offshore racing, winning the one who makes the fewest mistakes, not the one with more speed. To optimize the work with the sails is the role of evenly spaced electronic”.

To test the reliability of electronic of evenly spaced, they were tested, securing the ends of the blades of the windmill, where the speed reached 300 km/h. They can twist, crease and fold without consequences. Adhesive base attaches to any fabric or laminated surface and is ideal for both racing and cruising sails. At the moment, email is often used evenly spaced on stachelek, but they can also be installed in the grotto, and — according to the manufacturer — even on light “code zero”.
For the development of evenly spaced they were tested on different types of yachts, including Pogo, and the first tests were in the race during the Giraglia Race, where the evenly spaced secured to stakesare second number IMOCA 60 SMA.

“I think my invention can be appreciated by the racers of the Volvo Ocean Race or America’s Cup. On their yacht, the sensors are around the mast, and my invention provides equally important information about the air flow around sails,” says Voisin.

Also in the process of development involved the company NKE. They wrote software that allows you to connect TrimControl with the autopilot, so that he could follow the apparent wind not only on the weathervane on the top of the mast, but for the immediate position of the sails relative to the wind.

Inventors TrimControl trying to find all the possible ways of application of their invention. So, Voisin and his partner for françois Gabaret (François Gabart), skipper of Maxi-trimaran MACIF, worked with Ergonom Gautier (Gautier Sergent) from North Sails, to understand how the data read from the evenly spaced, could help in optimising the shape of the sails.

Another problem which is solved by the invention Mer Agitée is the appearance of evenly spaced.

The fact that the night of the evenly spaced almost completely undetectable, and the weapons on some yachts as high as in the daytime in good weather to see the thread or tape is problematic. In such cases also come to the aid of the electronic koltunchik. As the information on it is sent to the smartphone or on-Board navigation system, all data are always at hand.

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