Loginov to the leader – 6 points

Two races were held today in Fremantle (Australia), which is the world championship in the Dragon class.

In the first seven races (with one outlier), the leader of the still – reigning world champion Turkish Provezza with skipper Andy Bedsworth 19 points. But competitors are not asleep: British Racing yacht Louise (Grant Gordon) and Fever (Klaus Diederichs) fall behind by just one and two points respectively.

The Russian crew Annapurna Loginov Anatoly and Dmitry Samokhin Rocknrolla now occupy 6th and 7th places respectively (25 and 37 points).

Full results after seven races http://www.sportspage.com.au/yacht_clubs/rfbyc/DragonWorldChamps/International_Dragon_Class_2019_World_Championship.htm

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