The decision will be made in November

August 14, 2019

      The decision will be made in November
      Member of the World Sailing Council Oleg Ilyin – on the upcoming assessment competitions of sailing boards:

The decision will be made in November

From September 29 to October 3 in Torbole (Lake Garda, Italy) there will be an evaluation competition for applicants for a number in the Olympic sailing regatta of the Games-2024 (Marseille, France).

The evaluation committee, which includes professionals, members of the WS Committees, leading racers, coaches, and representatives of the media, will jointly test various classes of the sailing board and express their authoritative opinion.

The recommendations of the Evaluation Commission will be considered at the World Sailing Annual Conference in early November this year. The WS Council will make the final decision and name the Olympic class boards in the men's and women's categories.

Currently registered to participate in the Assessment Regatta and will be admitted:

1. RS: X, Neil Pryde – a class known to all, a monotype without a wing
2. Glide, Glide Class – a monotype without a wing
3. Windsurfer, Class International Windsurfer Class Association – a monotype without a wing
4. iFoil, Starboard – a monotype, can be used with or without a wing
5. Bow-4Z, Gun Sails von Osterhausen GmbH – monotype, can be used with or without a wing
6. Wing – a monotype, can be used with or without a wing
7. Formula, type Foil Limited, International Formula Windsurfing Class – open project of the registered series – board with a wing
8. Windfoil 1, a group of companies Founding industry partners: Starboard, Severne, Phantom International – a monotype in the registered production series with a wing.

Now it is impossible to make any forecasts. The results of the board competition we will soon find out.

Our preferences are on the RS: X side. A sailing board that has served the Olympic regattas for twenty years, including the 2020 Olympic Games in Enoshima. The world championship just ended in St. Petersburg once again proved the vitality and excellent sports and technical qualities of this class. We wish him good luck!


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