The best was the RS Aero

In sea trial of the Dinghy-singles conducted by the evaluation Committee of World Sailing, the best results have demonstrated yachts RS Aero.

Recall testing took place in mid-March in Valencia, they participated yachts D-Zero, Melges14, RS Aero and Laser. Testing was conducted by experts representing the relevant shipyards, and the 11-th leading yachtsmen, in particular, among the other boats experienced the famous Pavlos Kontides (Cyprus).

The evaluation was carried out on a number of indicators, and the best result – 80% of the maximum possible received RS Aero. Other yachts such indicators: Laser – 69%, Melges14 – 54% D-Zero – 52%.

The report, based on the results of sea trials, will now be submitted for consideration by the Committee on equipment at the upcoming Annual conference of World Sailing.

It is likely this Committee will decide to raise the issue of replacing the Dinghy-singles at the Games in Paris in 2024. In this case, the final decision should be made by the Council WS.

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