The campaign took place in Taganrog

In Taganrog race of the championship of Russia in classes of “Laser-standard”, “Laser radial”, 470, “Nakra 17 mixed”, “Finn”, the 49th, the 49th FX and RS:X.

According to the website of the WFTU, in the regatta taking part 168 athletes, including one master of sports of international class and 48 masters of sports.

470 class acts 17 crews in the class 49-th – 6, class 49-th FX – 4, the class “mixed Nakra 17” – 2, in the class of “Laser-standard” – 17 athletes in the class “Laser radial” – 54, class “Finn” – 10, class RS:X -25, class RS:X (Junior) – 4.

The event takes place in two races for dinghies, and for high-speed classes.

Monday was carried out for three races in each class. Keep decided only representatives of the class “Nakra 17 mixed” because the wind speed was from 14 to 25 knots. Alas, but the second day they were unable to start the race: the start was given, but no boat has reached the finish line.

In all other classes Tuesday was quite combative. The start was given later than planned, but in the end in both distances – for high-speed classes for dinghies was held for three races in each class. In the first half of the day was light wind, but the forecast promised strengthening. The forecast came true: the wind speed was from 14 to 23 knots.

At this point in the asset classes in all six races.

Leaders of the classes are:

470 – Timothy Grigorin-Ryabov/Alexey Safonov and Olga Seigert/Anastasia Pustynnikova.

“Finn” – Eugene Deev.

“Laser-standard” – the same number of points from Daniil Krutskikh and Cyril Evfimievski.

“Laser-radial” – Valeria, Lomachenko (juniors) Kirill Tereshkin (juniors).

49th – Nikita Ushkov/Kirill Boboshko.

49th FX – Zoya Novikova/Diana Sabirova.

RS:X – Maxim Kolcun (juniors), Artem Akimov (boys), Polina Firsova (juniors)

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