Silver Cup 2019 Launched


      Silver Cup 2019 Launched
      In the Gulf of Finland today began the drawing of the Silver Cup 2019 in the Dragon class. According to, according to tradition, the Hercules yacht port accepts it.

Silver Cup 2019 Launched

Teams from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Vladivostok and Jurmala registered for the regatta, including the winner of last year's draw – the Annapurna team (RUS 27) with Alexei Murashkin on the steering wheel.

The judges started the first race exactly on schedule, exactly at 12:00. A south wind of 12-13 knots was established at a distance, with gusts of up to 16. All 15 teams that came to the start area started cleanly.

After the first maneuvering, the teams Russo Orient Express (RUS 91) Yuri Skripkin and Lucky-Lucky (RUS 55) Yuri Kulikov were the first to go to the upper mark, then RUS 18 Yulia Grigoryeva, RUS 27 Aleksey Murashkin and RUS 32 Maxim Gankevich went around by a small margin. It was this five that continued the struggle for victory in the race.

At the lower goal the situation did not change, although RUS 27 managed to play one position.

On a full course there were problems with the spinnaker on the boats of Oksana Renny (RUS 19) and Igor Mironenko (RUS 21), but the teams remained in the race.

After the second tack, the struggle for leadership is heating up. Russo Orient Express (RUS 91) skips forward Kulikova (RUS 55) and Murashkina (RUS 27). Remains the finish line. And here experience takes up. The first finish line is crossed by last year's cup winner – the Annapurna team (RUS 27) consisting of Alexei Murashkin, Vadim Statsenko and Vladimir Ikonnikov. In second place is Yuri Kulikov (RUS 55), Yuri Skripkin (RUS 91) in third.

By the beginning of the second starting procedure, the wind intensified and in gusts reached 20 knots. However, the start was as clean as in the first race. But in this second race, if intrigue persisted, it was only in the struggle for bronze.

Apparently, inspired by his victory, the team of Alexei Murashkin (RUS 27) decided not to miss the advantage and approached the first sign with a wide margin from the pursuers. Further, a dense group rounded around RUS 32, RUS 55, RUS 21 and RUS 18.

At the lower gates, the Annapurna advantage (RUS 27) increased even further. The team of Maxim Gankevich (RUS 32), marching second, was also able to break away from the rest of the fleet. Yuri Kulikov (RUS 55) held in third place, and Anna Basalkina's team (LAT 3) climbed to fourth position.

After the second tack, the position of the leaders remained equally stable. On the sign – RUS 27, RUS 32. And only Igor Mironenko (RUS 21), again ahead of Anna Basalkina (LAT 3), tried to fight for 3rd place with RUS 55. And his struggle yielded results. Having solved the problems with the spinnaker that the team had in the last race, Igor was only one second at the finish, but he was able to beat Yuri Kulikov (RUS 55) and became the third in this race.

Following the results of two races of the day, the leadership was taken by Alexei Murashkin (RUS 27) – 2 points. Maxim Gankevich (RUS 32) and Yuri Kulikov (RUS 55) each have 6 points.

Full results on the regatta page –

Серебряный кубок 2019

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