“Sedov” and “Pallada” will go around the world!

Here he wrote the commander of the educational centre “Marine practice” Konstantin Popov on the page www.facebook.com/sea.practice.ru/ Facebook:

Recently, TASS announced that the sailing of the Agency will do, including round-the-world trips. We receive a large number of queries about the event. So, just to clarify.

Two of the sailing vessel “Sedov” and “Pallada” will go around the world. “Kruzenshtern” will make the Antarctic voyage and return to Europe. Antarctic land three of the sailing ship held together.

The plan of the expedition is now being developed and will be published after approval by the Government.

We will invite these campaigns interns. Conditions will be published after approval of the schedule of the expedition.

In the formation of teams of trainees preference will be given to those who walked with us, those whom we know personally. Please understand us correctly, there will be transitions for 30-40 days, so “go to fight some old people”.

You still have time to get your first experience on the “Sedov” or “Kruzenshtern”.

Schedule training hikes 2019 the link http://sea-practice.ru

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