Scientific approach: a mobile app will help judges regattas

International non-profit research Foundation SYRF (Sailing Yacht Research Foundation) is developing a mobile app that will help judges sailing competition with a handicap more transparent to rank the participants. It is expected that a beta version of the program SYRF Race Tracker and Analysis Mobile App will be available for users in March 2019.

The mission of the Fund refers to the identification and cataloging of the main technical characteristics of sailing that will help to clarify the formula for calculating the results in the handicap, and creating innovative, science-based tools for accurate prediction of the behavior of sailing ships in various conditions.

“Most sailors in the world compete in races with a handicap. Enthusiasm and involvement in the process is often undermined by the sense of injustice of the rating. The role of SYRF to help correct this situation. This is possible by providing evidence-based support, which will increase the accuracy, transparency and usability of existing systems and the rules of the handicap,” — said on the website SYRF.

Among the current projects SYRF — development of low-cost systems predict with a high degree of correlation (for models both air and water systems), use a unique method of analysis of meteorological conditions, which will allow to assess the impact of weather on results of the competition.

Through a mobile app, SYRF, team directly during the race will see the adjusted results of all participants in real time. No one else will have to guess who actually is a leader and a winner.

It is important that not only will this be a new experience for the athletes, but also reduce the burden on the organizers of the competition, which is now drafting the correct rating is methodologically a very difficult process.

“Current characteristics of a sailboat is an important tool for comparing expected and actual results. But these data have never been released to the public, details of all boats participating never collected in one place. SYRF intends not only to provide a convenient platform for collecting such information, but also allow to share these indicators with designers and constructors”, — explained in SYRF.

The app will be compatible with all international systems of ratings. It will be based on a mathematical model of the PCS (Performance Curve Scoring — rating curve performance), developed in the years 2017-2018 based on the opinions of experts Council on the marine race (ORC).

Tracking boats will be carried out either via a mobile device yachtsman (iOS, Android, or traditional tracking device is the third generation of Yellowbrick or TracTrac). The data will be automatically converted to the rating team as well as KPI’s during and after each race.

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