Scatti helps deaf sailor

October 23, 2019

      Scatti helps deaf sailor
      Paul Thomson took the kitten on board at the age of 4 months. Well, as he took it, he had already sailed from the marina when a curious red muzzle popped out of the cabin. The first flight to New Zealand with a clumsy kitten was not easy, but they both coped. And they became inveterate yachtsmen.

 Scatti helps deaf sailor

Scatti's full name: Strauss von Scatterball from Rebelpowes. Purebred Maine Coon, who became a real sea cat – even in his teens feline age, Scatti went through a harsh baptism of water. Too far hung overboard and fell into the water, and it took Paul more than a minute to deploy the yacht and pick up a friend desperately holding on to the waves. Since then, Scatti is not afraid of water, but she does not climb to check.

Scatti became the ears of a yachtsman who had long since lost his hearing. Moreover, the cat somehow realized this without any prompts and learned to give a signal when something alarming happens. Whether it's a marquee call on the marina, an incoming message on a smartphone, or noise from another boat approaching. A very helpful helper at sea, says Paul.

Also, Scatti was polydactyl, he has six fingers on his front legs, which helps to maintain balance when rocking. The cat shows activity only in the mornings and evenings, when it is necessary to monitor the weather in both, during the day it snoozes or watches birds. And the same daily routine is followed by man.

Yachtsman Paul Thompson thinks that Scatti would be very surprised if he knew that the rest of the cats in the world do not go to the seas. What kind of life is this? And he believes that other owners of Maine Coons, and other freedom-loving cats, would not hurt to take their pets with them for swimming.

Hang on the sides of the nets and towels so that the cat can cling to its claws, drop a couple of fishing rods – even the smallest moustached striped fish will be a treat. Of course, if a cat is afraid of water, it’s not worth capturing. But you can try something – what if you like it?

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