The conference kicks off World Sailing

As the press service of the WFTU today in Bermuda will begin the annual conference of the World Sailing in which will be attended by 418 delegates from 68 countries.

Key decisions that will affect the future of sailing will be accepted throughout the week until 3 November.

Among the delegates of the annual conference 2019 and sailors with experience in various disciplines of sailing, and event organizers, and members of the national federations of sailing and representatives of the associations of classes, producers of boats, and members of the committees of the World Sailing.

Before the conference was received 189 submissions (proposals, requests. Approx YR), which proposed to amend the rules WS, WS policy, etc.

Expert committees will discuss the submissions and will present its recommendations and opinions to the World Sailing Council – the principal organ of the international Federation.

November 1-2, WS, the Council will consider the recommendations and proposals of the committees. All decisions will be ratified at the annual General meeting on 3 November.

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