Pasha, you’re a hero!

11-year-old Academy sailing Pavel Guschin saved the girl, fell through the ice.

Our athlete Pavel Guschin became a hero. Last week he rescued two small children on Matisova channel in Saint-Petersburg. 4-year-old boy and girl were walking on thin ice. Of the heroic act of Paul said in his native school №509.

Paul walked home from the store and noticed on the ice in the middle of Matisova channel has two children: a boy and a girl of four years. Winter in St. Petersburg just arrived, and the water in the channel does not have time to freeze. At this point the thin ice of the pond began to crack under the young guys. Few seconds directly at Paul in the eyes of the girl fell through the ice on the chest.

“I screamed and ran to the girl. Holding her by the hood of the suit and was called adult to help. After some time, ran people helped her out. Generally, I think that in my place anyone would do,” — said Paul.

Paul kept the girl immediately handed over to the ambulance. The child was not seriously hurt. With the second boy is also okay.

Pavel Gushchin is one of the leading athletes of the Academy sailing in the class “Optimist”. In his age group he won one of the stages of the “Optimists of the Northern capital. Gazprom Cup” and not just on the podium.

We are proud of Paul and be sure to note it on the upcoming award “yachtsman of the year of St. Petersburg”.

Pasha, you are our hero! Thank you for your courage and determination!

We remind you about how dangerous to go out on the ice!

Phillip Kovalev

the press service of the Academy of sailing

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