Battle of the Germans against the Belgians

As we have already reported on the Italian lake Garda in Gargnano, under the auspices of the European Federation of sail kicked off the first official world championship in the class L30 – L30 class EUROSAF European championship 2019. We offer to your attention a second report Elena Tekinay:

Wednesday, September 4, the second day of racing at the European championship in the class L30 morning began with a coastal race to Malcesine and back. The launch took place opposite the picturesque Gargnano centre, where this weekend starts the main local race Centomiglia.

Yacht L30 allow you to chase almost any wind conditions from 2-3 and up to 35+ knots, and very light wind at the start of the coastal race was not a hindrance. Participants raised the code zero and quite cheerfully passed the 12-mile race.

First-day leader German Sharifa Rasmus Taxit chose to walk along the shore of Limone, but this tactic didn’t work, and the race, the Germans finished in last place. Moreover, the Belgian crew with Jonas Jergenson on the steering wheel could come second behind another German team – Turmalin. This allowed the Belgian to withdraw his crew in first place in the overall standings, and Sharifa was second with a difference of 1 point.

After lunch the main Gordeziani wind Ora has not appeared again, but on a weak local southerly wind the Race Committee managed to conduct two races. Acute struggle between the two leaders of the fleet continued.

In the short races of the second day behind the wheel of a Belgian yacht instead of Jonas stood Sophie the phage, and she managed to come 1st and 2nd, while Sharifa was able to finish 2nd and 1st.

However, after the release of a worst race first place overall at the end of two days had left a Sharifa. In second place with a difference of one point is the team of Jonas and Sophie. The third place has retained the Hungarian Present Perfect and the 4th is left for the Ukrainian crew Tardex.

Today, the final day of the championship, scheduled three races, and according to the forecast it is hoped to test the fleet in stronger winds.

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