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OptiPro is the new project of the Academy of sailing and children’s sports sailing team “Raut”

OptiPro joint programme of training in the yacht class “Optimist” strongest riders Academy sailing Team “Rout”. The General partner of the program of PJSC “Gazprom”.

The team OptiPro included 20 athletes: the best 10 riders, and two coaches from each team, Sergey Semenov and Stanislav Andreev from “Rout” and Denis Razumovich and Igor Taraskin from the Academy.

Tells the head coach of the project Sergey Semenov (dspk “Rout”): “selection of the best riders were very simple: we ranked all the athletes, the results of two major regattas in 2018, championship of Saint-Petersburg and the Russian championship in the class “Optimist”. In OptiPro hit 10 strongest guys from dspk “Rauta” and the Academy of sailing. Someone, of course, dropped out due to objective reasons, for example, athletes have grown up.”

The aim of the project is the creation of effective joint programs of training athletes to improve sports results in the most important Russian and international competitions in the class “Optimist”. It is planned to conduct a number of joint training before the most important regattas.

The first gathering was held in late October – early November, before the 28th of Gelendzhik with the regatta, he led the trainers “Events” Semenov and Andreev, a second collection was timed to the regatta Euromed yesterday launched Malta.
Sergey Semenov continues: “the Children of the two teams was between a familiar, but more like rivals, just as ordinary people. Combines training, racing process is completely different.

Of course, we won’t be limited to meetings at training camps and competitions. Planning a joint winter camp will work on strength and conditioning training and theoretical training.

Look to the future with cautious optimism. All I really want to improve the results that can not but rejoice. This is the main goal for everyone: for children, for parents and for coaches. We have plenty of time to work out the problem points and to achieve the desired result.”

Evgeny Kitaev,

the press service of the Academy sailing of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg

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