The main start – less than a month

The press service of the Academy sailing of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg took a small interview with one of the leading “laserists” of Russia Sergey Komissarov. He is now in the collection of Japanese Sakaiminato and preparing for the world Championships to be held here from 2 to 9 July.

That’s what Serhiy said: “We arrived the 6th of June, the first day was spent on adaptation, impact a large time difference, we trained a 7-11, 12 will rest due to not a very good wind forecast, then we will return to training. The collection will run until 19 August.

The goal is to explore the local waters paralytica to wave, to understand what conditions we will have to wait for the world Championships, which will award five licenses to Olympic games in Tokyo 2020.

The emphasis, of course, made on training on the water, but in the hall, we work too much. First and foremost adjusted to the wind if blowing hard, then spend more time on the water, if weak, it is in the hall.

Of course, Japan for the Europeans – another world. We are treated very kind, pay a lot of attention, thereby often put in the uncomfortable position us for their dear guests. There are nuances, but in General I feel very comfortable here to train.

After camp I returned home for a week, the second camp will start on June 27, just before the world Cup. Thank you to all my family and friends, as well as the fans and sponsors for your support!”

Monitor the progress of Sergei you can, by subscribing to him on instagram: @sergeykomissarov_rus

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