“Nika” – the first “Battleship” – the third!

Sunday, September 30, in the Portuguese Cascais ended the world Cup in RC44 class. Reports Elena Tekina:

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World champion last year, the Russian Team Nika Petersburger Vladimir Prosikhin with Dean Barker as a tactic brilliantly defended his high title and for the first time in the history of the class for the third time became the world champion. The first time Nika, recall, won the world here, in Cascais, exactly three years ago, and almost with the same crew.

Before this season, the owner and steering team Mr Prosikhin no secret that this year he tried again to assemble a stellar composition of the sample of 2015, led by Dean Barker in order, then repeat your success. In 2015 “nick” for the first time in the history of the class won two titles — champion of the world and season. It is a great achievement brought Vladimir the title of “Yachtsman of the year” in Russia. And same as three years ago, Team Nika made up of the main regatta on a high celebratory note, brilliantly winning the final race!

Composed almost entirely of Russian athletes, the representative of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg Bronenosec Sailing team with Kirill Frolov on the steering wheel and tactician Cameron also won one of the races of the last day, was second in another race and, despite the 7th place in the third and was able to get bronze in the championship with equal points with the British Team Aqua of Chris Bake.

The forecast had promised Sunday a relatively mild wind of about 15 knots, but the Bay of Cascais did not want so boring to complete the regatta and once again pleased with all eight teams participating, representing 6 countries, its classic North-westerly wind, which reached to the middle of the day 25 knots, and a signature of the ocean wave.

In the first race the wind has not yet gained full strength, and at the start hiked up the left edge of the distance was much more profitable. Thirsting for revenge for the failure in the third day of the championship, Bronenosec Sailing Team had a great start in the left side next to the British Aquaи, and “cut” behind her on the left side half of the fleet, on the sign was the 3rd. Nika, on the contrary, at the start were at a disadvantage right side near the referee of the vessel, but still not quite in the front row.

The hope is that the right side of the race still works due to the smaller waves did not materialize, the left edge was still much more profitable, high waves due to the weaker wind is also not there. On the top sign “Nika” ulybalas the latter, while the main competitor – the Slovenian Ceeref, Igor La was 6th.
On the gate Kirill Frolov has risen to second place, and “Nika” was able to overtake only one boat on the second. At the finish of both Russian teams came in the same order — 2nd and 7th respectively. “Serif” was the 5th, and the advantage of “Nicky” in front of her was reduced from 5 to 3 points.

In the second race the wind became stronger, and the teams continued their dizzying race through the waves. The right side finally earned, “nick” started on the right and on the sign was the first “Battleship” from the center line to the first rounding out the 4th, and then very accurately set the gennaker and faster all to the left, into the shore, where he ranked first on the gate. “Nicky” had problems with the gennaker, and she came in second. In the end the boat the Armadillo won the race, nick took second and third place from the 6th to the first sign could raise Serif. Now separating the two contenders for the title 4 points still left open the main question of the day. As always in this highly competitive fleet of RC44, everything had to be decided in the last race of the day.

At the end of another high-speed surfing down at the limit of technical capabilities of many teams asked for time to repair the sails, “Nike” had to change broken new gennaker on the old A2. In the third race the team of Vladimir Prosikhin goal was to not finish below fourth place and the crew is mentally prepared to melee.

But the expected match-flight between “Serif” and “Nika” has not happened. Vladimir calmly and conservatively started from the ship and went to best right side. The yacht Igor La on the left (apparently quite confident in their ability to intercept “nick” on the rounding), but at the first sign and at the finish of the Slovenian boat was only a third. Very technical and clean after tacking, “nick” on the sign was the first, and then brought his lead to an impressive mile at the finish, winning the championship with an advantage of 6 points from second place!

Not holding back the loud cries of joy, an international crew of “Nicky” is beautiful, at high speed in clouds of spray flew over the finish line, on the move, embracing and congratulating each other! And, of course, return to shore was not without ritual bathing — first, premium champagne, and then the cold seawater! Overboard first was dropped perfectly happy with the steering, then it sent his famous tactic, and then the chief instigator of swimming Chris Bake also flew into the water!

Very pleased with the success tactics Team Nika, a veteran of the America’s Cup Dean Barker said that he loves Lisbon, which brought him his third world championship title. In addition to the victory in the role of tactics “Nicky” in 2015 Dean as a steering in July this year won the world championship in the TP52 team, Quantum Racing.

“Win three world Championships in one place! I love Cascais! Chase here was a pleasure. The crew worked very hard. Vladimir the great was doing his job, although the conditions were difficult — three races per day. Four days with strong wind and wave. His concentration and ability to accelerate the boat – just stunning! Now I’m looking forward to the season finale here in Cascais. I’m really not sure what the weather will be good, but I’d be happy to race and to do everything possible to win and also the season.”

Absolutely an emotional Mr Prosikhin literally jumped for joy! “A very strong fleet, fighting to the last second, and, of course, five points early in the decisive day was an insufficient advantage against such a strong boat as “Serif”. They tried to arrange a match race, but in the last race I dropped the idea and we took advantage of the situation and put a fat point! We are very happy tired, because in such a wind to steer down pretty physically tough. Good wind, nice waves, very heavy wheel, but we are very happy!”

Team Armadillo, because of a broken in the second race in a collision with the French Aleph nasal protection, while the third race was very careful. The item broken that the break was not able to securely lock, she is very hurt, and the race team was in 7th place, but earned three race victories it was enough to get around in the fight for the third place of the British “Aqua”, despite the equality on points.

Steersman “of Battleship” Kirill Frolov was left impressed by the play of his team. “Nice championship! It is all on the drive, the nerve! I am very pleased that we have a real team, because the last day on the nerves to win, to win the race, come second – it’s worth it. So I see that we have constructed a very good team. We in the good old Russian tradition have created their own problems and then solved them victorious! I’m very happy for “nick”, handsome, a head taller! And this point set is good, with trypticon, so there’s no doubt that the victory was well deserved!”

After the emission of the worst result of the regatta for Team Nika became the 7th place on stage in the Slovenian Portoroz, the newly-minted world champion topped the results of the season and became the owner of Gold helm — yellow bib of the class. In second place for her behind one person is her greatest rival – the winner of last season, the Slovenian Ceeref, the third – acting under Monegasque Ander Charisma.
Bronenosec, who missed the first two stages of the season, is on the 7th place in the overall.

Final 5th regatta of the year will be held in mid-November, again in as the favorite with all the hospitable Cascais. However, the weather in November is expected in the Atlantic is not the most welcoming and the team are preparing well to test themselves and their boats for endurance. The question participants what to expect, the local yacht club has promised only one thing — that huge wave he definitely will provide, but the heat and sun it could be as lucky.

Full results here: http://www.rc44.com/results

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