Sped, sped – and becalmed

Today – exactly a month since the Englishman Alex and Ellie went on a long journey hoping to set a new world record circumnavigation and solo non-stop for yachts 40 feet or less.

As we have already mentioned, this achievement in 2013 belongs to the Chinese Guo Chuan – 137 days, 20 hours, 1 minute and 57 seconds. (In 2016, the most famous yachtsman of China disappeared while trying to set the record for crossing the Pacific).

26 Jan Ellie wrote on his page in the Network that has passed since the start of the 5000 miles and at times it Pixel Flyer flies like a bird, reaching speeds of 17 knots. Great figure, but all it has in the past, and in a good mood ally. A few days ago he was held off by the area of the anticyclone, so now he’s practically marking time. Fortunately, according to the forecast, the calm will soon be over.

Follow the journey of Ellie, you can use the tracker that is on his personal website – http://alexalley.com. The squares along the route – it notes or photos that particular day racer or place his assistants.

Important detail. Guo Chuan when the record was launched from Qingdao in China (and, of course, there’s also finished). The distance, which he eventually overcame – 21 600 nautical miles – the minimum allowed for the recognition of the International Council of speed records under sail (World Sailing Speed Record Council). Ellie is a classic route (like those for example who are fighting for the Jules Verne Trophy) – with the start/finish line between the French island of wassan and English lizard point. In this case, the length of the distance is much greater – in the region of 27 000 nautical miles.

At the same time, we must note that the route chosen Guo Chuan, was much shorter, but it took a lot more time. Including the fact that a considerable part of the distance Chinese yachtsman to rely on favorable wind conditions are not accounted for – in particular, when passing the Islands of Indonesia.

And the last one. Recall that funds for training its Pixel Flyer to the world Ellie collected a few years with the help of crowdfunding. You could purchase advertising space on the hull of his yacht at a price of 25 pounds per square 5×5 cm

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