Meet Sodebo 3!

At the end of 2016 Tom Covill Maxi-trimaran Sodebo Ultim passed around the world solo and non-stop for 49 days, 3 hours, 7 minutes and 38 seconds. Now he intends to walk around the “ball” for 40 days!

About 40 days – his own words. Yesterday at the shipyard in Vannes in Western France, Kovel (who in may will mark 50 years) presented to a respectable audience his new boat – Sodebo Ultime class 3-32/23. It looks like this monster will agree, is amazing (one cockpit, well forward, that is!). And after a couple of weeks (called the exact number – 14 March) Sodebo 3 will be launched.

“While I can’t even imagine what this trimaran, said Covill for a short but solemn ceremony. And, I confess, I’m a little scared. But it is fear in half with a happy anticipation of the new speeds!”

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