Like good old wine


      Like good old wine
      Imagine what this damned coronovirus did! People hid in four walls, countries were closed, marines too, the competitions were canceled, there was no sailing news. How to be How to live? What does the poor fellow yachtsman do?

Like good old wine

Thanks to the Internet – you can watch sailing movies. You can also read books about sail. Which ones – we have already advised you.

And, of course, you can (and should!) Read our magazine. Over the years, 127 Yacht Russia issues have been released. Imagine how many wonderful materials were published in these issues!

So we decided: every day we will bring to your attention one material from those that once appeared on our pages. These materials are like good old wine: over the years, the taste is only brighter!

Let's start with an essay on Creole, the largest wooden sailing yacht in the world. Read –

84 Today # 10009
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