Pursuit of the Medusa

September 7, 2019

      Pursuit of the Medusa
      On Saturday in Malcesine on Lake Garda, the start of the "Russian Cup" – Russian cup – in the class Melges 20.

Pursuit of the Medusa

The regatta is traditional, held for the 7th time (except that before it was called Russian Open). Its first winner was the Synergy crew in 2014 (Valentin Zavadnikov, Nikolai Kornev and Alexander Yekimov). This year, 20 teams take part in the Russian cup, including 9 under the Russian flag. Three of them led the protocol after two races.

The first position is Pavel Grachev's Meduza (you see it in the photo; unfortunately, this is not a quick shot, he is a couple of months old): in the starting race this team came first, in the second it became eighth. The same number of points – 9 (4th and 5th parishes) – Russotrans Yuri Morozov. Well, in third place – Russian Bogatyrs Igor Rytov. The Bogatyrs regatta began neither shakily nor swell – they turned out to be only 11, but in the second race they came first. As a result, 12 points. And everything will be decided on the second, final day of the short regatta.

Detailed results of the first day –


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