“Leviathan” is in the lead!

The results of the short coastal race in Copenhagen: Russian team – gold, second place by Danish team, the third – Finland.

In the overall standings of the Nord Stream Race according to the results of previous stages: coastal races in Kiel and Copenhagen, as well as offshore transition Kiel – Copenhagen the leader of the “Leviathan”. The team scored 6 points, behind her in the overall ranking are the Danes and the Swedes, who have 8 points.

In Copenhagen there were two coastal races. At the start of the day was almost calm conditions, and the fleet waited for the weather for more than two hours, and then came a great wind from 18 to 20 knots, towards the end of the second race the wind speed dropped to 14. In races the Russian team under the guidance of the steering Maxim Titarenko showed the second and first wards.

“We brought a small reinforcement to the team, changed 4 people. Those who arrived, have experience of offshore racing. This year they did the Sydney-Hobart, last – Fastnet. Today we primulales to the boat, the rest of her still felt. The boat is fantastic, I love it. And I think that’s the biggest adventure in my sailing life,” said the second skipper of the team, “Leviathan” Vadim Achinson that worked today Bakov.

At the moment the main competitor of the Russian team – the Royal Danish yacht club. The team leader is an experienced skipper Peter Warrer, the group consists of young athletes of the club. The advantage of the Danes in their native waters is obvious. Local knowledge of weather and currents helped the team to win in the first offshore stage and around the whole racing fleet, when at the finish the wind almost sour. In races in Copenhagen the Danes also scored, winning the first race of the day.

Also with a small margin of just two points, the Swedes. This is the youngest team participating in the Nord Stream Race, but the skipper takes part in the prestigious regatta for the second year in a row. “We feel that we can accelerate the boat, but sometimes we are churning emotions that we have to constantly work”, – said the skipper of the Swedish team Christian Harding.

On Tuesday evening launched the second offshore stage of the regatta. It will be the longest transition from Copenhagen to Stockholm, which will take about two days.

The racing results and tracking of dostupnye the link –


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