“Battleship” is in the lead!

On Friday, June 21, on the penultimate day of the competition 52SuperSeries Royal Cup in Cadiz, the crew of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg once again climbed to the top of the classification. But before the decisive day of the competition the advantage of the team under the Russian flag is minimal.

After the conservative, if not bad, start in the middle of the line “Battleship” was ulybalsya penultimate. More surprising is the rapid progress of the team on the second leg of the race (full course). At “the gate” crew of Vladimir Liubomirov for the fourth and finish of fifth. Because of this (yet worst) result in the seventh race, the team of the Yacht club of Saint-Peterburgskaja took second place in the overall standings. However, its advantage over the Turkish Provezza was minimal.

To start the eighth (the second today) race the wind strengthened to 18 knots in the gusts. On the line “Turks” seemed to have pulled the “Golden share”, confidently started off the mark at a good speed. After a few minutes nearest rival team under the Russian flag was increasing the gap of tens of meters. But Provezza got carried away, missed the sunset, the wind – and mark was only six.

At this time the Battleship was ulybalsya the fifth and decisive race was the second leg of the race, where the team Lubomirova worked out excellently: at “the gate” crew of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg was third. And finished.

The arrival of the three allowed “Battleship” to end the day at the top of the overall standings 52SuperSeries Royal Cup. Before the decisive day of the stage “Battleship” has only one point advantage over Azzurra titled and four in front of Provezza. Given the lack of emission at the stages of “Super series”, all the team up to sixth, inclusive – have a theoretical chance to win.

“We deservedly took first place, as the command works just fine, and most importantly – we get consistent results, – says head of “Battleship” Vladimir Liubomirov. But tomorrow never has become easier for us – we must go out and show all that capable, to the maximum.”

Results after eight races

Puerto Sherry 52 SUPER SERIES Royal Cup

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