Prosikhin – the first, Rytov – the third

February 9, 2019

      Prosikhin – the first, Rytov – the third
      In Miami, the second stage of the Miami Winter Series started in the Melges 20 yacht class.

Prosikhin - the first, Rytov - the third

On Friday, February 8, the first three races took place. According to their results, Nika Vladimir Proshikhina is ahead of Nika – 10 points, parishes 1–6–3. The American crew Hartbreaker with skipper Robert Hughes is 9 points behind, parishes 9–1–1.

The winners of the first stage of Miami Winter Series, Russian Bogatyrs, Igor Rytov, are in third place – 16 points, the parishes – 10 – 4 – 2.

16 crews take part in the regatta. Competitions will last two more days.

First day results –

250 February 9, 2019 # 8783

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