In memory of Sir Alec

March 26, 2019

      In memory of Sir Alec
      The other day in English, Portsmouth, with a significant gathering of the public, unveiled a plaque in honor of Sir Alec Rose. They opened it on the very house where Sir Alec once lived and where he traded in his vegetable shop.

In memory of Sir Alec

I'm sorry, what? You do not know who this is? Oh, Rose was a very remarkable person. In 1966, he planned to throw the glove to Francis Chichester himself (which you know for sure) and at the same time go on a single round-the-world trip. I wonder who would win in this dispute. But it did not work out, and Rose set off on his 36-foot Lively Lady only a year later – on July 16, 1967.

He walked around the world for 354 days, making two stops – in Melbourne, where his son lived, and in the New Zealand town of Bluff, to replace the broken mast. Home, in Portsmouth, Rose returned July 4, 1968 – 10 days before his sixtieth birthday, and he was met by tens of thousands of enthusiastic compatriots.

However, you yourself can see how he was met. That's really – as a hero!

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