In defiance of flat irons

The whole world knows Roberto Cavalli as a successful fashion designer, who gave the world faded jeans and innovative exotic prints on textile. But not all of them know what role in his life played the sea and yachting. Of course, his former Baglietto superyacht with the unpretentious name of the RC and the Board that changes color depending on the lighting, well known to frequenters of elite Mediterranean marine. But unlike many wealthy people, Cavalli a lot more fun delivering compact high-speed pleasure craft.

Will tell you about themselves

CCN Freedom — yacht is non-trivial, and understand it, not knowing what motivated the owner, is difficult. In its official blog Roberto Cavalli were mentioned several times how he refers to the sea and the boats, therefore, before proceeding to the description of Freedom, it is necessary to bring a certain amount of quotes to get an opinion on Cavalli-the yachtsman.

“I couldn’t live without a boat, he says. The rest takes us to another dimension, and our fascination with the sun and the sea every year brings new adventures. I couldn’t live without a boat human size: not too big — that can be managed without extra staff… without a boat where you are the captain, sailor, cook and a dreamer… go to her, care for her and control all of the magic of the sea. Once I had a yacht called Arboc — the word Cobra written on the contrary. Sixteen meters in length, three small cabins… cramped, but on Board were all close and friendly.

  • The cockpit of Freedom plays the role of the salon and the “beach club”

Sailing is one of the greatest adventures, which for centuries allowed people to discover new lands and meet new peoples. I love the sea, I love adventure… Sailing has allowed me to make friends with the sea, with this force of nature. I learned to catch waves, to control their energy, being self… If you know the sea, you simultaneously love and fear him. Sea requires love and respect and for this award. One of his major gifts is that I was able to convey the love for the sea their children. When they were young, our tiny boat was our Paradise, and the beginning of August always meant the start of the summer holidays on the water.

Life on the boat allows me to relax… it’s like living in a small apartment with a minimum of things where only the most necessary. I like to get up early and go to the local market for fish, fruits and vegetables. Life on a boat gives you the opportunity to stay in close contact with nature, between blue skies and lots of color variations of the Mediterranean sea… There is some special connection between me and the Mediterranean sea. Each time, returning to the boat, I feel happy: a sense of peace and calmness begins to prevail it is necessary all the rest. I go into the wheelhouse, start the engine and suddenly realize I’m home.”

While Roberto Cavalli is not alien to the parties on superyachts, and one such he organized during the 66th Cannes film festival. It was a dinner for friends, including on Board was attended by her serene Highness the Princess of Monaco, Charlene Wittstock, Sharon stone, Uma Thurman, kaylie Minogue, Adrien Brody and many other celebrities.

“Megaloto for the occasion was decorated with my creations and iconic prints with animals — says Cavalli. Everywhere were flowers and candles, create the atmosphere of magic… After dinner, everyone was on the dance floor, and a large boat turned into a big disco…”

  • Proximity to the water and privacy is the main feature of this area of the yacht

But the yacht — not his element, and this, he repeatedly tells the readers of his blog: “the Team is a big boat (Baglietto RC. — Approx. MBY) waiting on deck. All excellent dark blue uniform, and only captain Alexander dressed in a white tunic is so white that it could serve to advertise washing powder. I choose the cabin and see what takes best TV to watch the rise and fall of the football team Fiorentina. Life on a big boat is not suitable for my temperament. The days on Board flying unnoticed. Little things that refuse to work perfectly, occupy, and sometimes amuse me.

On the other hand, I don’t like three cute flight attendants distract me from my studies to ask what kind of champagne I love. I was born a normal human and want to die a normal person: sometimes even jokes, calling herself a street kid. Dear friends, I already told you that I liked to design a large boat, and to see her finished in all its glory. But to live in it, need one of those people who like just a luxury, and certainly not the sea.

When I worked on the design of a large boat wanted to get a powerful speed boat, which would be able to rapidly move across the Mediterranean sea, but a little overdone with the marble, granite, Jacuzzi and all kinds of accessories for maximum comfort… And she was not so agile, in which I imagined her originally. That is why Freedom was born — frisky RIB on the water cannons with the habits of F1 (boat Novamarine 220 Black Shiver Jet that Roberto Cavalli calls the Bat-Zodiac. — Approx. MBY).

This mobile compact boat for quick movement along and across the Mediterranean sea, ideal to unwind on the weekends. I love my Bat-Zodiac, which is my own, and take care of every detail. While here, on Board there is always something to do: she is a woman constantly needs attention. It cannot be neglected even for a short time. Bat-Zodiac with its water cannons special design — like a thoroughbred sports car. To develop maximum speed, everything needs to be tuned to meet specifications.

Perhaps my mistake is that I met the sea in a small boat and raised with a passionate interest rate. I like to move quickly in sea, on land and in the air. And if I started with a small sailboat, it definitely would have made a single trip around the world”.

The path to new freedom

Four years ago, Roberto Cavalli has decided to sell his yacht RC and create something new, more “human” dimensions. Having made this decision, he appealed to the shipyard Cerri Cantieri Navali (together with Baglietto included in the Gavio Group), as long realized that the yachting world is a minefield, and if you make a wrong step, then good can not wait. With Baglietto at Cavalli already had a positive experience, and the owner of the shipyard they were familiar.

Of course, the new boat had to be unique and speedy, but still quite private to hide the owner and his guests from prying eyes. These requirements Cavalli said his longtime friend — yacht designer Tommaso Spadolini, however, I could be good at RC. Work on the external design took them 11 months: during this time changed 10 different projects, and each time, Tommaso was forced to seek a compromise with the customer and designers, vykraivaya extra space here and there.

In the end, was born 100% custom yacht for which the CCN has created a new technical platform. Full length of the hull, welded aluminum alloy is 28 m, but three meters at the bow and one meter at the stern are mounted and equipped with lockers, while the “durable housing” (from the transom to the collision bulkhead) meets the requirements of the RCD and does not exceed 24 m, which allows the owner to manage the vessel. Freedom by design engineers engaged in the Genoa, Yacht Design office Sydac di Falletta, and before the construction of a scale model of the ship tested in the testing tank are proposed pool to ensure the ability to develop the claimed speed of 42 knots.

  • 5.7 thousand horsepower is the total power of the three diesel MAN D2862 LE476 installed in the engine compartment

Length of the engine compartment Freedom is one third the hull length, and it has three diesel MAN associated with water jets Rolls-Royce: propulsion system is standard, and the Central propulsion device acts as a booster. According to the captain, cruising at thirty knots the ship “eats” about 700 liters of fuel per hour, and the maximum flow increases to 1100 l/h While on Board is quite comfortable to be as noise isolating the engine compartment is given special attention.

The superstructure is also made of light alloy and is characterized by complex forms in the feed. Roberto Cavalli refused to swim platform and wanted to make the cockpit was as close to the water. This sheltered from the wind by glass and plastic screens area is on one level and sitting on the couch, you see the water not only near the horizon, but close, almost at his feet. According to designers ‘ idea to all areas on Board Freedom should be associated with each other so that between them it was easy to navigate, and privacy does not interfere with the enjoyment of your stay on Board.

Sloping ladder from the cockpit leads up to a raised section of the main deck, where for a watertight door is located the master cabin and pilothouse. On the lower deck amidships is the galley with a small dinette, and further towards the bow, two guest cabins, accommodation for captain and coke. And… No salons, and a spacious dining area, which is unthinkable without a modern yacht. Except that there is still a flybridge, and that Freedom is the private terrace of the owner. To admit such a nontrivial use of space evokes mixed feelings in all who are accustomed to think in traditional categories and are not familiar with the owner of the yacht. And the more one considers the details, the more marvel at the eccentricity of some decisions.

Don’t tell me “no”

Roberto Cavalli would not be myself if I hadn’t saturated the interior of their own ideas, around which the design was developed. So, initially he decided to cover the hull Freedom same paint “chameleon”, on his former yacht. However, in the process of building changed his mind, inspired by the theme of Batman and wanted to do otherwise.

“Working with Roberto, it is important never to say “no” — explains the choice of Tommaso Spadolini, so we gave him a few color options to choose from and he chose a dark metallic on the outside and purple in the cockpit”.

Materials for interior decoration and furniture like fabric with leopard print and leather with the signature embossing is taken directly from the collections of the customer, and all objects of art brought from his home in Florence. Glass and paper photo panels on the walls created based on personally taken Roberto Cavalli photos and best illustrate the primacy of the importance of a person’s memories compared to technical properties of the image. To talk about the artistry of these murals can be any number, but it is not the most important thing. By the way, about the Wallpaper: it is good old Wallpaper (of course, designer!) covered VIP cabin, and when they notice their neat joints at walls, at first did not even believe my eyes.

Tommaso Spadolini, the yacht designer:
To understand the uniqueness of this boat, try to answer: how many 24 metre yachts can boast a hidden tender garage on the fore deck? How many 24 metre yachts have a master cabin on the main deck amidships, not in the nose, and the galley area of 18 square meters? How many 24 metre yachts can show off such a wide side aisles? Finally, how many 24-metre yacht is equipped with three engines with water cannons and develop 45 knots? This unusual boat we developed together with Roberto days and nights, verifying all of half an inch. Roberto wanted to be on the main deck, only his cabin, the distance from the bed to the door it had to be exactly two meters, in a room at his house. Why should he, I don’t know, but I needed to satisfy the request. It was a relentless search for the compromise. Take, for Wallpapers: they look outdated, but Roberto wanted to see your favorite pictures on the walls, and I had to come up with the best options matching with other interior elements.

A large part of the property owner occupies a wide bed, above which is a huge skylight with the logo of the brand Roberto Cavalli and impressive dimensions of the multimedia projector features a image on the ceiling retractable screen. A door leads from here directly to the wheelhouse: Roberto Cavalli are friends with the captain (he worked on his previous yacht) and loves to be on the bridge during transitions, as well as to stand alone at the helm.

Hardly anyone is going to build in exactly the same boat — it is too individual, but that Freedom could not be better demonstrates the capabilities of Cerri Cantieri Navali implement completely different projects that reflect the vision of the customer. Now in the shipyard built two yachts: DOM 123 (37 m 395 reg. t, 21 knots, design Studio Vafiadis) and Panam 40 of aluminum-magnesium alloy (39 m 340 reg. tons, 31 knots, design Francesco Paszkowski). The latter will be the fourth vessel in the line of custom Fuoriserie and probably also surprise with something special.

But Freedom, like its owner, has already entered the history of yachting as a stark contrast with the “flat irons” (as Roberto Cavalli calls all the ordinary model boats). Last season, the yacht held off the coast of Italy: the owner lived on Board until the beginning of the Cannes exhibition, and the shipyard didn’t know if he’d allow to show their “Freedom” to the General public. Fortunately, he was allowed, and everyone who first climbed aboard, I could not refrain from commenting. If the world existed the title of the most unusual yacht of the year, we would, no doubt, appropriated by the CCN Freedom!

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