Hainan will become the center of Chinese yacht industry

Strategic summit on yachting, marine tourism and the accompanying infrastructure is planned to be held in the Chinese province of Hainan at the end of March 2019. This decision was made at the round table held in the region, during which experts discussed the problems of Chinese market and practical plans for the development of the province.

Earlier, the government took the initiative to use Hainan as a pilot area for the development of yacht industry in China.

It was actively discussed during the Asia Pacific superyacht conference held in Singapore in April 2018. The summit, which will be held in the province in March, is organized in the framework of the agreement signed in 2017 Singapore SUTL Enterprises, which manages marinas throughout Asia, and Hainan Cruise & Yacht Association.

“This new experiment will take place over the next year or three years. It involves the construction of boats, new marine oklahcana and other projects. Now in Hainan 14 Marin on 1835 boats up to 60 meters. In most major marinas can accommodate 700 vessels” — told International Boat Industry, the Secretary-General of the Hainan Cruise & Yacht Association, Li ning (Li Ning).

Participate in the development of the yachting centers in the Hainan will be able to both local and foreign companies.

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