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On Thursday at the FINA world Championships in the class RS:X, which takes place in Torbole on lake Garda, started the final race. Men three, women two.

Not to say that these two races, the Russian team leader Stephanie Elfwina made was not very successful, but, nevertheless, thanks to the 13-th and 10-th parishes she climbed to tenth place in the table. I hope today’s race Stefania will improve this result.

Our second representative in the Gold fleet Anna Korikova – 46-m a place. Reznikova young Yana takes the 41st place in the Silver fleet.

The top three women have now looks like this: 1. Lillian De Geus (Holland) – 30 points. 2. GA Speziale (Italy) Is 38. 3. Junsu Liu (China) – 41.

Now, the first three men. 1. Kieran of Badloe (Holland) – 21. 2. Pierre Le Coq (France) – 23. 3. Dorian van Rysselberge (Holland) – 37.

And finally, our. The gold fleet. 52. Eugene Aivazian. …64. Vladislav Burmistenko. Silver fleet. 6. Alexander Askerov. …31. Ilya Kirichuk. …36. Maxim Tokarev. …54. Anton Tokarev. …61. Dmitry Sandakov.

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