Chelyabinsk and all the rest


      Chelyabinsk and all the rest
      The world championship in match racing among juniors won a ticket to win the gold at the Russian championship, the Chelyabinsk team of yachtsmen – skipper Mark Abdrakipov, headshots Vsevolod Sokolov, Alexander Beloborodov, Grigory Zhukov.

Chelyabinsk and all the rest

Silver is at Platon Stupka from Yekaterinburg, in a team – Alexander Arslanov, Konstantin Gorbachev, Matvey Mishin.

Bronze in the Saratov crew of Mikhail Evtihov, sheeted – Daniil Dergachev, Valery Svinarchuk, Vladimir Fight, Arseniy Pogodin.

4th place is with the team of Milena Lavyrecheva, a graduate of the Yekaterinburg Sailing School, now the athlete is racing from St. Petersburg Crew: Ksenia Trushkina, Tatiana Razumova, Grigory Mikhalev.

The winner of the Russian championship Mark Abdrakipov from Chelyabinsk has the highest rating among juniors – participants of match races in Yekaterinburg. His team was formed a long time ago, friends grew up together, they started to race on Optimist class yachts at the Chelyabinsk sports school. Nineteen-year-olds from 2015 come to Yekaterinburg and studied the water area of ​​the Upper Iset pond, but they do not cease to be surprised by the variability of the wind.

To the question: “Strong teams arrived at the Russian Championship. What is the secret of your success? ”- the guys replied:“ We need to imagine that these are not responsible competitions, but simple training. Then the excessive nervousness is removed, which prevents from winning. ”

At the world championship in the discipline of "match racing", which will be held from 11 to 17 August, the Chelyabinsk team will race with sailors from Australia, America, the Czech Republic, Sweden, the UK, France, Argentina, Poland, Italy, New Zealand and Japan.

Venue: Yekaterinburg, Verkh-Isetsky Pond, Komatek Yacht Club.

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