An unlucky thirteen. Top Maritime superstitions

Never do these thirteen things, if you want to safely moor

October 31, Halloween. While you put on your most scary costume (sailor costume before the closing of navigation; a captain’s outfit, which guests carried on Board wine red; suit of the skipper, whose sailors are confusing “poison” with “choose”), we recall the thirteen things on Board, which — according to the tradition — hold the promise of certain destruction.

Do not rename the boat

When you give your boat name, you define its further destiny. Remember the famous words of captain Vrungel — “like a ship call, so it will float”? Renaming a boat, you literally and figuratively scratching her destined fate. We can only wonder how the ship in the photo below still kept afloat. Although… with such a list of women’s names crossed out the fate of its owner was probably broken in several places.

Do not bring aboard bananas

It is not necessary to bring aboard bananas — they bring bad luck. First, the bananas — the holders of the slippery peel, whose cunning is glorified in many tragicomedies. And secondly, bananas are very perishable and emit toxic gases (it’s not me, it’s all banana!), which in turn attracts insects. Agree, not the most pleasant task is to fend off the mosquitoes, when there are more important things.

Don’t paint a boat green

It is not necessary to paint the boat green, and indeed to keep on Board the green things. Green is the color of the earth, and it just draws you broke! However, the owner of the 62-metre Feadship Sea Owl is clearly not aware of the signs, or you wouldn’t have to paint your yacht in the color of fine French green oysters fin de Claire Verte.

Do not take on Board ladies

The woman on the boat — to cause trouble. As you know, she is female. And she will be jealous of the crew appeared on Board the woman. In short, get ugly or married. Then, maybe a ride. Just do not tell me about this International sailing Federation — they are there in full fight for mixed crews and in General for the promotion of sailing among women.

Don’t go on a cruise on Friday

Start swimming on Friday — a day when three thousand years ago Jesus was crucified? As much as possible! Bad luck! On Saturday, the Sabbath, Sunday is captain’s day off, Mondays. On Tuesday, I can’t, but Wednesday is a little Friday, that is again — a bad omen. Thursday — lunar Eclipse and mercury retrograde. Maybe next year put?

Do not whistle on Board

Not allowed to whistle on Board — it is thus possible to bring the storm and the storm, because the whistle is in fact an imitation of the wind. But if the sea exhausting calm… then maybe not a sin to whistle. Maybe blow out.

Do not throw overboard eggshells

According to legend, thrown overboard eggshells can jump witches, and as the boat to reach the vessel from which littered. If you eat eggs, as sir Robin Knox-Johnston (Robin Knox-Johnston) in the famous circumnavigation of the Globe Golden, then chop egg shells into small pieces before you throw it away. But it is better to put garbage in bags and disposed of on shore. And then it would not have had to pay the “witch” of the state inspection of small vehicles decent a fine.

Beware of redheads

If I met a redhead before you go sailing down the drain, you’re cursed. The only way to stop the curse is to speak with the red-haired stranger first. That is why Jimmy Spithill (Jimmy Spithill) always wears a cap.

Be careful with the salt

If the owner is constantly something goes wrong, especially if it is salt, you’d better not to climb aboard. The fact that scattered salt on Board — unfortunately. In olden times, salt was a relatively expensive product that not everyone could afford. Not surprisingly, spilling expensive product, a quarrel was inevitable. Many believe this sign to this day.

Do not assume the catch

Usually after fishing men compete in a number nalovlennyh fish. But not on Board! Superstition says that counting fish caught while on Board, means more on the catch should not count.

Do not take on Board the priest

Priests wear black, it reminds the sailors of the dark depths of the sea and the funeral. It is believed that the priests on Board bring trouble. Superstition does not prevent the head of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill to regularly use this vehicle like a boat, in the photo he goes aboard a 22-foot Marquis 690.

Fear running with the rats

All sailors believe in the legend about the rats leaving the ship. But why? It is known that rats do not tolerate dampness, so if rodents are running, this means that leaky ship.

Do not neglect signs

The owners of the Titanic forgot to christen the ship with a bottle of champagne before the first flight, and we all know how that ended. From tradition to sprinkle the new building alcohol — old roots, only previously used is not champagne, and red wine, symbolizing the sacrificial blood. In ancient times, the ship is considered as a living creature, and even a deity that requires sacrifice (almost like beauty). Prone to superstition of sailors to this day are convinced that “the vessel did not recognize the taste of wine, learns the taste of blood.”

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