Beneteau Oceanis 38 – Constructor for adults

The finish of any yacht show invariably turns into a Hodge-podge of everything seen and heard. Relying on memory is not — can be confusing and reward motor yacht with a jib, and sailing cruiser to give three outboard 300 horsepower. Of course, I’m exaggerating, but not so much.

To prevent this and not to mislead readers, journalists are stocking up on notebooks, tape recorders, hung with cameras and carefully study the information about every interesting exhibit. This allows us to significantly reduce the number of mistakes. However, among all this variety of consistency, sometimes there are so good, that is not a sin to postpone the recorder and just enjoy the exterior and interior, clearly aware it’s definitely not the be confused with anything.

At the last exhibition in Cannes this boat for me was a Beneteau Oceanis 38 — another runaway success of the Beneteau group. The novelty has already received the award for the best sailing yacht 2014 size from 31 to 40 feet version of the American magazine Sail, and the boat show in düsseldorf, received the award in the category “family cruiser”, and there are quite objective reasons. Surprised the public was first introduced to such a multi-functional model of a sailboat.

In the world of motor and sailing yachts has long been a tendency to build yachts-transformers, but the Oceanis 38 is breaking all records.

This is the layout of the cruiser, of course, convenient for week-long cruise with a full crew. But if on Board for just two couples or the yacht goes to sea for the weekend? Then the owner for a few minutes… removes the bow bulkhead! The cabin was bigger and lighter than the 40-Butovice, and chat with friends handy, even blissfully stretched out on the forward couch. This is the layout of the weekender. Finally, before the day release of a large company or club race, the owner will clean the table and make (or move to the forward bed) and a couple of chairs, creating a day sailer. Turned chic wardroom for meetings with a guitar or beer — nothing more! But in the race it is convenient to sort out the Spinnaker and prepare it for the next production.

Moreover, it is possible to liquidate even part of the galley (with two seats) and side-mounted boxes…

The most striking thing is that all of these layouts you get on Board one of the yachts! In the moment when you will need one or the other option, you “flick of the wrist” edit layout and hit the road.

A curious detail in the cabins is not provided in usual wardrobes. Instead of them the hooks for regular suitcases design Philippe Cassegrain (head “factories of fashion bags” Longchamp), which comes with the boat. The suitcases are Packed at home and on the boat they can only secure and open — and you’re ready to rest.


Time savings in folding/unfolding things before/after the cruise is obvious. However, if such a “modular” system will seem to someone too extravagant, is removable saddlebags, you can enjoy traditional cabinets.

Transom — with the same sharp scrapping on the cheekbone, but tightened it beyond the usual — almost to the nose. Handling rolls will provide two tail feathers of a pen. Maestro Finot-Conq have taken care of a good balance of sails — mainsail and Genoa nearly equal in area. Power (4.39) quite typical of the cruiser — “fly” a boat is not, but frequent work with the sails when the wind changes direction do not require. Fans of drive club and racing will be outstanding are supplemented by area (114 m2) gennaker and family crews, on the contrary, choose the twist of the mainsail to the mast and the jib of the machine (straps carriage provided).

Stern of the cockpit is reminiscent of the relationship with Sense: elevating seat steering open gorgeous access to water. Swim platform hinged transom forms, it grants access to the life raft. Low-profile arm of gas–the reverse is at the level of the deck — no need to bend in three deaths on the mooring. Starceline winch installed so that work is comfortable and the steering (helm), and sailor (from the cockpit). Halyards and boom-mainsheet habitually displayed on the wheelhouse. Two lockers in the Cabinet table — the safety of binoculars, cameras, mobile phones etc.

As usual at exhibitions, on the test drive, unfortunately, was not the question, but this misunderstanding is bound to be fixed at the spring session of tests. At the moment it can be argued that almost single-handedly Beneteau introduces a brand new class of yacht — yacht-transformer. I can’t imagine how to react to competitors, but to remain silent, they won’t succeed.

Author: Fedor Grad
Source: Journal Of “Captain Club”

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