Championship is over


      Championship is over

The final, ninth race of the European Championship in the Flying Dutchman class was held on Friday at Lake Balaton.

Championship is over

We have already said that the winners of the championship ahead of schedule, the day before the end of the regatta, were the Hungarians Shabolts Maiteniy and Andras Domokos. Now they are 6-time champions of the continent (and plus 13-time world champions).

You also know that our Mikhail Senatorov and Sergey Borodinov won the Masters Trophy. Congratulations again on this achievement!

It remains to report how the Russian crews performed in the overall standings:

46. ​​Andrey Novoderezhkin / Dmitry Novoderezhkin. 47. Boris Kuzminov / Yuri Firsov. …fifty. Andrey Berezhnoy / Denis Medvedev. … 53. Mikhail Senatorov / Sergey Borodinov.

Full results –

124 Yesterday # 9494

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