And the cat is in quarantine!

We in the tape was not material for the broad reading masses costacou topic. Here, corrected.

In the city of Dunedin on the South island in New Zealand, we went to the yacht Alizes II French skipper Francis tolan, who takes part in the round the world race singles Longue Route-2018/19. Forced stop: the need to execute urgent repairs to the hull of the boat. Then again in the road.

It seems to be an ordinary situation – well, went, well repairs. However, the arrival and the Parking lot Alizes II wrote to all new Zealand Newspapers and websites. And the main character of their material was not the skipper Tolan, and the cat Navy. Which, though a cat, but a real sea wolf. For six months aboard Alizes II plies the oceans.

And now, in the New Zealand Navy for the first time in six months separated from his master. Sent to quarantine in accordance with the strictest Biosafety regulations existing in the country.

The cat is suffering: life without a master he is not sweet. Skipper Tolan also does not hide bitterness and even made an official statement. “My cat is part of my journey and my life on Board”. Press on the side of the cat, but nothing with the “draconian rules” can do.

So now all waiting for the same repair Alizes II over to Tolan and Navy together.

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