Another fake lost

May 31, 2019

      Another fake lost
      The loss statistics of keel fintail false yachts was supplemented by one more case: in the Pacific Ocean, the racing boat Elliott 50, Ran Tan II, lost its keel.

Another fake lost

A boat with a crew of three was distilled under its own power from New Zealand to the USA to participate in the Transpac race and, coming out of Tahiti, crossed the equator on May 27. And already on the night of May 31, Pacific time – in calm, which is characteristic of the weather – the EPIRB was activated on the yacht.

A crack in the keel occurred at 02.48 at night, the keel completely fell off at 05.30 am local time. The boat in the conditions of calm weather remained stable and upright. The crew activated the buoy, threw the life raft overboard, but stayed on the boat, eating cold crackers with cheese and drinking them with beer – the Ensenada Mexican tuna sweater, which was four hours off, was already heading towards them.

At 11.45, the crew, in complete integrity and safety, moved aboard the Ensenada, leaving Ran Tan to die in the ocean. This is a big loss for sailing in New Zealand, sources emphasize, as the yacht was present at all major competitions, as well as at club regattas and social events.

P.S. A hundred miles from Ran Tan, another yacht — the Irish Eyes — has lost its mast and is asking for urgent help …

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