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Where to spend weekend or holiday in peace and quiet, without the prying eyes and pesky paparazzi? Of course, in the sea on a private super-yacht. This material contains a variety of vessels which belong to famous people: JK Rowling, Steve jobs, Steven Spielberg, Richard Branson, Billy Joel, Giorgio Armani, edge from U2, Eric Clapton.

1. Amphitrite

Owner: Joanne Rowling (J. K. Rowling)
Previous owner: johnny Depp (Johnny Depp)

In January 2016, this beautiful classic yacht was purchased by the famous writer, author of the “Harry Potter” Joanne Rowling (J. K. Rowling). Previously, she belonged to actor johnny Depp (Johnny Depp) and was named Vajoliroja composed of the first two letters of his name and the name of his ex-wife Vanessa Paradis (Vanessa Paradis), his daughter Lily-rose (Lilly Rose) and son Jack (Jack). Rowling called the yacht Amphitrite – news ancient Greek sea goddess Amphitrite, daughter of the sea God Nereus and of Doris, wife of Poseidon, mother of Triton.

2. Venus

Owner: the heirs of Steve jobs (Steve Jobs)

Customer yacht Venus was Steve jobs (Steve Jobs), the yacht was designed by designer Philippe Starck (Philippe Starck) and laid at the Dutch shipyard Feadship in 2010. Unfortunately, at the time of its launch in October 2012 jobs was no longer alive. Mega yacht Venus is famous for its high-tech stuffing of which, however, nothing is known of the details of the project are still kept secret.

This is probably the only so popular yacht without a single photo of the interior. That’s why the video with the participation of Venus, captured by eyewitnesses, gaining this amount of views. For example, the movie “the Mega yacht of Steve jobs Venus – closer to nowhere”, shot during the stay of the ship at the island of St. Martin in the Caribbean.

3. Seven Seas

Owner: Stephen Spielberg (Steven Spielberg)

Perhaps it is not surprising that a yacht owned by one of the most famous filmmakers is “cinematic” the name of Seven Seas – Seven Seas. Steven Spielberg (Steven Spielberg) built this steel 86-foot yacht the Dutch shipyard Oceanco in 2010. The interior was designed by Italian design house Nuvolari Lenard. On Board is one of the largest pools ever met on the yacht. The vessel can accommodate 12 guests, excluding the owner and his other half, and is capable of speeds of 20 knots.

4. Necker Belle

Owner: Richard Branson (Richard Branson)

Well-known businessman, the founder and owner of the holding Virgin and adventurer Richard Branson (Richard Branson), as it turned out, don’t need a mega-yacht. It is enough 32-foot sailing catamaran Necker Belle, which he loves to go to the Caribbean. The ship is named after the island of Necker, which Branson owns. Built at the shipyard CMN in 2003, catamaran Necker Belle available for Charter and even, as they say, sold.

5. Vendetta

Owner: Billy Joel (Billy Joel)

Few people know that the famous American musician and singer Billy Joel (Billy Joel) out of their creative life is known as a great traveller, collector of motorcycles and yachts. Classic motor yacht Vendetta is his fifth. The artist himself participated in its design and now uses the ship to get from his home in long island to Central new York.

Read more about yacht can be found in our article: great Gatsby style: gentleman’s yacht Billy Joel’s Vendetta

6. Main

Owner: Giorgio Armani (Giorgio Armani)

The fashion icon has to be stylish yacht. But in the case of Giorgio Armani (Giorgio Armani), who recently celebrated 40 years of his life at sea, the ship should be more practical, seaworthy and to meet a number of requirements of experienced yachtsman. That’s why the 65-foot yacht Main designer painted almost on their own, and then followed its construction at the Italian shipyard Codecasa. The hull is painted in an unusual dark green color. On Board there is a graceful spiral staircase, a gym, cinema and guest sector of the 6 cabins to accommodate 12 people.

7. Cyan

Owner: the edge from U2 (The Edge’s U2′)

No, the owner of this yacht’s not Bono, musician and backing vocalist for the band U2, the edge (real name David Howell Evans), who, incidentally, occupies the 24th place in TOP 100 greatest guitarists of all time. Its of 48.71-foot yacht Cyan he built in 1997 by Italian shipyard Codecasa. It is noteworthy that the members of the crew of super yachts are in uniform in the style of “Rockstar’s crew”. On Board the Cyan equipped one of the largest outdoor cinemas. Yacht interior created by designer Franco & Anna Della Role.

8. Va Bene

Owner: Eric Clapton (Eric Clapton)

A lover of yachting and is the second after Jimi Hendrix the greatest guitarist of all time – Eric Clapton (Eric Clapton). 46,51-metre motor yacht Va Bene was built in 1992 at the shipyard Cornelissen. The developer of the ship was made by the architect Richard Hein (Hein Richard). Va Bene can accommodate 12 guests, is powered by two Caterpillar diesel engines, cruising speed of 18 knots. The musician has a second yacht Blue Guitar, of which, however, almost nothing is known.

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